Why Should We Use Aluminum Formwork In Construction Site


In the current construction industry, there are many formwork systems that can be mentioned such as natural wood form, industrial wood form, steel form, composite form, aluminum form etc., Each formwork system has its own characteristics but typically Aluminum type will create more constructional productivity, efficiency and cost savings more than the old methods. Casting concrete is the decisive factor for the construction progress of the works means that the quality, aesthetics, and construction cost of the project depending largely on this factor. With the change of technology and current formwork assembling materials, it has made great strides in the construction field.

With shaped aluminum formwork, the formwork execution process is shorter due to simple assembly, ensuring good concrete quality and surface aesthetics. Some outstanding advantages when using aluminum formwork must be mentioned as follows:

  1. High reusability:

Aluminum formwork can be used multiple times. Each aluminum set can be used 100-150 times, about 3-4 high-rise buildings, significantly reducing investment costs for construction contractors.

In order to minimize damage after use, it is necessary to meet the basic requirements such as:

  • Proper disassembly and assembly.
  • Use the required oil to spread on the surface and removal tool.
  • It is necessary to have a mechanism for supervision and sanctions handling during construction.
  1. Light, convenient structure, good stability, high bearing capacity:

This makes the assembly of the aluminum formwork very simple and convenient, quite lightweight, average 20 – 27 kg / m2, so it is easy to disassemble and move by hand without any support machinery. (Usually, the workers only need a wrench or small hammer to disassemble.) A skilled worker can install 20-30 m2 per day. With modern production technology, the design of the skeleton system linked to the aluminum plate not only ensures good bearing capacity but also minimizes weight.

  1. Tiết kiệm thời gian thi công:

The aluminum formwork system helps to assemble and dismantle quickly, shorten construction time, and save management costs.

When constructing, the workers just need to install according to the design drawing and geodetic positioning, the accessories in the aluminum structure are also made to meet the requirements for easy construction, ensuring bearing capacity.

Reduce a lot of time for workers to calculate, cut, and repair as with other types of formwork.

The average construction time of a floor has been significantly shortened, to only 3-5 days.

The supporting system is designed with 3 floors. After 36 – 48 hours, it is possible to remove the aluminum formwork in the sequence of walls, beams, and floors and retain that system at 2 adjacent floors.

  1. Wide range of applications:

Aluminum formwork can be effectively applied to most types of structural members such as floors, beams, columns, walls, and stairs. The more efficiency is when the number of typical floors, typical components in one or a building block is bigger.

  1. High value of utilization:

The utilization value of the aluminum formwork system is very high when it is possible to collect, recycle, or utilize the construction of other structures such as foundations, septic tanks, etc.

  1. Environmental sanitation:

All parts of the aluminum formwork are reusable after being dismantled, which helps to reduce site waste, ensuring a safe, clean and tidy building environment.

Lower carbon emission: Many developed countries have specified that wood formwork should not be applied in construction projects but must use renewable formwork. This shows an inevitable replacement trend in the near future.

  1. Flexibility:

The aluminum formwork has different standard sheet sizes, which are flexible to assemble according to the requirements of the respective projects. Only 10-15% of non-standard panels need replacing when reused for a new project, helping to reduce costs. Because the design standards of the aluminum formwork need carefully consider the number of standard sheets that can be used.

  1. Neat construction space:

The bracing system is also designed quite simply, by the single bracing system and the reinforcement bracing system. The ability to tweak is relatively easy. The construction space is airy, clean.

  1. Reduce the cost of defect work, plastering

Another advantage of aluminum formwork is the low possibility of structural deviation, the smooth and aesthetically pleasing concrete surface after construction. Significantly reduce the cost of completing works.

The concrete surface using aluminum formwork does not require plastering as with traditional formwork. Just sand and spray paint to finish.

  1. Easy to combine with other climbing formwork, sliding formwork:

However, it is necessary to calculate and based on construction type, the number of typical floors, and actual construction conditions, compare costs between progress shortening and formwork, labor costs to save costs, time, construction quality assurance.