The War With COVID – 19: Calm To Win

The War With COVID – 19: Calm To Win

Currently, the city has discovered 4 new cases of Covid infection – 19. To prevent the spread of the community, measures to prevent epidemics have been implemented, of which the most important is the urgent tracking of contacts Rapid test of close contact cases. Currently, bewildered psychology leading to inappropriate reactions has also appeared. In the fight with COVID-19, being calm for the right management is the key to success in disease control. It is necessary to distinguish and understand the following:

Tiếp xúc gần (F1) là gì?

Evidence currently shows that COVID-19 is transmitted by direct contact (close contact with an infected person through secretions from the mouth and nose), indirectly (through contaminated objects or surfaces). . This includes saliva, respiratory secretions or droplets. Drainage comes from an infected person’s mouth or nose when they cough, sneeze, speak or sing. Close contacts of an infected person can get COVID-19 when the infected droplets get into the person’s mouth, nose or eyes.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health has defined F1 close exposure as a person who has been in close contact within 2 meters of an identified case in the period from 3 days before the onset of the case until the case is isolated health. The onset of the case is counted as the day when the patient first perceived an abnormal symptom, possibly one of the following: fever, fatigue; body pain, cold thorns; decrease or loss of taste and smell; fever; a cough; sore throat … If the carrier is a carrier (who does not have any symptoms), the date of initiation is the date of sampling the specimen that tests positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Tiếp xúc của tiếp xúc gần (F2) là gì?

Be a person within 2 meters of close contact with F1 between the first day of exposure to the case (from 3 days before the onset of the case) until F1 is medically quarantined.

Nguy cơ dịch bệnh luôn hiện hữu, chúng ta cần làm gì?

– Preventing Covid – 19 in the new situation, it is important that we always have to be highly vigilant, avoid subjective psychology, but should not panic to have excessive and inappropriate reactions. The whole country is following the new normal state motto to achieve the dual goal. When an epidemic occurs, it is important to be calm, cooperative, and properly handled as recommended by the Health Sector, to avoid major disturbances to normal life

-People need to update information from official sources, avoid accessing too much inaccurate information that easily confuses us, causing public confusion. This is not good for an anti-epidemic activity that is inherently compared to the fight with COVID– 19. During a war, we all know that the winner is the one who calmly handles every situation. If we mess, we fail for ourselves, not because of COVID – 19.


  • Masks: Wear fabric masks often in public places where people gather; wearing medical masks at medical establishments and isolated areas.
  • DEPRECIATION: Wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. Cleaning surfaces / objects that are frequently in contact (doorknobs, phones, tablets, desks, chairs …). Keep the house clean, clean and well ventilated.
  • SPACE: Keep your distance from other people.
  • DO NOT Gather a lot of people.
  • MEDICAL DECLARATION: make a medical report on the NCOVI App; Install BlueZone application at to be warned about the risk of COVID-19 infection. When there are signs of fever, cough, difficulty breathing, call the hotline of the Ministry of Health 19009095 or the local health hotline for advice, support, and guidance to ensure safe medical examination.

Keep YOURSELF and COMMUNITY safe from the COVID-19 pandemic! Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company wishes all employees, workers, and employees to actively join hands to help prevent, combat and repel disease.

Remember to always take preventive measures according to the 5K message: “Masks – Disinfectants – Distances – Not Concentrations – Medical Claims” to stay safe from disease.


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