Human resource fluctuation after COVID-19

Human resource fluctuation after COVID-19

Whether you like it or not, COVID-19 decease still significantly affects the future of work in many professions. It is very important to grasp the picture of the upcoming recruitment market, helping businesses figure out the necessary steps and solutions. According to a preliminary assessment of the ILO (International Labor Organization), the world could lose 25 million jobs because of this epidemic. The epidemic has caused common limitations in all countries, regardless of whether it is a developed or a developing country. Labor in industries with high levels of exposure to epidemics, industries that cannot apply the “work from home” policy… all face the risk of unemployment or reduced working hours.

– According to the labor structure, Vietnam has a high rate of “unskilled labor”, accounting for 35% of the employment, along with a part of “informal labor”; these are the groups most susceptible to disease. “Developing countries face the same challenges, only with different levels of influence based on the labor structure. In addition, the difference will also depend on the ability to recover from the epidemic. This will rely on the country’s controlling and “destroying decease” capacity and its socio-economic policies in response to the effects of COVID-19 ″.

– Therefore, the HR world is facing many risks due to the increasingly complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic. The biggest challenge facing HR departments right now is the task of coming up with possible solutions to balance workforce safety concerns with keeping the business running as usual. Therefore, they need to react quickly to respond to any situation before an HR crisis can unfold. Particularly at Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, information capture, and flexibility in disease prevention are always highly appreciated and must be focused on ensuring the progress of projects is not affected when committed with the owner. Therefore, not beyond the general trend of many other businesses, Ptcons still has to restructure to optimize the company’s operations, but its personnel is still maintained. In addition, to keep up with the fast schedule, the company also recruits more personnel to ensure construction quality and safety during fluctuating days.

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– Since then, COVID-19 has been happening and its impacts on life, economy, and society are huge, which is a typical example of people living in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity) period (the concept to describe the ever-changing world). Therefore, each of us needs to prepare ourselves with a wealth of knowledge, the right skills for the future, and a flexible attitude. “The most important thing is the attitude to change and need to have cognitive flexibility, be comfortable with changes, curious about new things, not afraid of challenges and always be solution-oriented, hence everything will no longer have to be difficult and develop together for both the company and the employees.

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