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Monthly Meeting Between Safety Board And PR Department – PTCONS 01/06/2019


– On June 1st, 2019, the Safety Department of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation conducted a monthly meeting of safety board – PR unit as well as implemented Fire Protection works at PTCONS.

Meeting agenda:

  • Report on the situation of work of labor safety, sanitation, fire prevention, security and 5S in the works
  • Implement safety measures, assess Safety staff capacity according to KPI criteria
  • Standard safety work according to QMS evaluation criteria
  • The promotion of Phuoc Thanh’s image in the Projects

Participants in the meeting include:

  1. Tran Viet Tuy Hai – Chief of Safety Department
  2. Thai Thanh Trung – HR Manager
  3. Nguyen Hoang Duy – Quality Control Unit
  4. Dong Xuan Tuong – Vice chief of Safety Department
  5. Le Huu Du – Vice chief of Safety Department

Together with all safety colleagues, at all the works to attend.

Part 1:

– Report on the safety situation at the works:

  • Centana Thu Thiem apartment
  • Binh Chieu Lot I
  • CP Bau Xeo Factory
  • Lu Thai Factory
  • Chi Hung Factory
  • Tocontap Apartment District 9

  • Binh Chieu Apartment Lot H
  • Le Quy Don School
  • Hưng Phát Apartment

Part 2: 

– Fire prevention and fighting (FPF) plays a very important role in social life.Good implementation of FPF is to protect lives and property, to keep peace and happiness for all families and society. In life, sometimes, just a minute of negligence, carelessness is possible to cause a fire.  

– Therefore, to ensure the safety of FPF, it must be done regularly, continuously and evenly.In addition to equipping enough fire fighting facilities in place in accordance with the fire fighting requirements, PTCONS also organizes rehearsals to instruct staff to use fire fighting facilities proficiently. Content included:

  • Basic knowledge of fire prevention and rescue;
  • The cause of fire and protection measures
  • Guide and practice using fire fighting tools and facilities

Specifically: Principles of fire and explosion prevention and fighting .

– The principle of fire prevention and explosion is to separate three elements: oxygen, heat glow and flamable retardant, then fire cannot happen.

– The principle of fire and explosion prevention is to lower the burning rate of material in fire to a minimum and quickly disperse the fire’s heat.

In order to implement these two principles, actually, different solutions can be used:

  + Equipping fire protection equipment (AB foam fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher, sand, water, etc.).

  + Training in using fire protection means, fire protection plans.

  + Mechanical engineering and automation of the production process are dangerous on fire and explosion.

  + Limit the volume of flammable substances (or oxidants) to the minimum permitted technically.

  + Create fire prevention boundary. Prevent contact of flammables and oxidants when they are not involved in the production process. Warehouses must be separate and away from heat sources. Surrounding tanks, storage, it must have separated walls with non-flammable materials.

  + Isolate or place flammable devices or stages away from other devices and well-ventilated or outdoor places.

  + Eliminate all possibilities of fire generation at production sites related to explosive substances.

  + Equipment must be closed, in order to limit evaporation and combustion air to the production area.

  + Using inert additives, inhibitors, anti-explosion substances to reduce the fire and explosion of the fire mixture

According to the fire protection rules at the company, businesses need to have adequate tools and professional training on fire prevention and fighting. This will be conducted periodically or randomly by the provincial fire police department and higher department.

According to the above rules and regulations, the use of fire protection equipment is to provide the readiness to deal urgently for all businesses, companies, apartments, houses, warehouses and high-rise buildings, etc.

Some photos of the rehearsal:

(New, Photo: Pr Department)












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6th Meeting between Safety – PR – 2019

6th Meeting between Safety – PR – 2019

– The meeting took place in the morning of January 4th, 2020, with the topic about summarizing the activities of the Safety Department in 2019, the Company’s Safety Department held the 6th Meeting between SAFETY – PR, attendance including:

+ Mr. Tran Viet Tuy Hai – Head of Safety Department

+ Mr. Le Huu Du – Deputy of Safety Department

+ Mr. Dong Xuan Tuong – Deputy of Safety Department

Along with the safety team leaders representing projects.

In addition, there were representatives of other departments including:

+ Mr. Thai Thanh Trung – Head of HR Department.

+ Mr. Vo Tan Sy – Head of Technical Department.

+ Mr. Cao Anh Tuan – Head of Quality Control Department.

+ Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duy – Head of Equipment – Material Management Department.

+ Mr. Tran Quoc Huy – HR Department.

+ Ms. Le Truong Thao Nguyen – Marketing Deparment.

+ Mr. Vo Thanh Hung – Head of Workshop.

 Meeting agenda:

Time Agenda Presented by
08h00 – 09h00 – Report on the situation of OSH, fire prevention, security, and 5S in the projects (Report performed by PPT file) Safety Dept. Representative
09h00 – 9h30 –      Safety, Security work before and during Tet holidays. Mr. Tưởng
9h30 – 10h00 –      Arrangement and control storage handover during Tet holiday Mr. Dư
10h00 – 10h45 –      Make plan for the 15th anniversary of the Company Ms. Nguyên Pr
10h45 – 11h45 –      Summarize meeting contents of Safety & PR departments–    Performance assessment to Safety – PR staff

–    Plans and Objectives in 2020

Mr. Hải
11h45 – 12h00 –    Guiding on KPI assessment in Portal Office system

Ms. Quyên

– In particular, it emphasizes the backlog of the projects in the inspection and control of safety issues, fire protection, hygiene and warehouse, storage. At the same time, summarizing and giving directions for activities for 2020 are more effective and practical at the construction site.

(News, Photos: PTCONS – PR Deparment)





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What is HSE’s Place In Your Organization?


– In today’s business working environment, companies are under increasing pressure to comply with the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations. Increasingly, companies look for an integrated approach to these issues to keep their costs low, avoid potential risks and even to protect their corporate image.

– By choosing the appropriate HSE model, then build the HSE strategy to achieve the set objectives. If this is not done well, the risk of promoting your business in the wrong direction or leading to waste of time and effort is entirely possible. So every company needs have their own strategies and policies suitable for long-term sustainable development. Understanding the benefits and importance of the general development trend of the world, in the HSE work, at Ptcons:

1. We always value our employees

At all active sites of PTCONS, the health and safety of employees, subcontractors and all related personnel are extremely important. Our goal is no incidents. We have turned Health & Safety into our company’s core values and implemented a comprehensive HSE policy. Senior managers are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, by keeping all management personnel responsible for all aspects of health and safety. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we always encourage all to participate.

2. Working environment

– Because of the goal of reaching out to the whole world, we always try and make constant efforts to comply with the policies required by law. Always invest in modern and appropriate equipment, contributing to a safe and healthy workplace.

– We strive to continuously adjust policies, update knowledge as well as technology and science. By focusing and training our employees, we convince them of the importance and direct benefits of safety rules. This approach makes it possible to work together, minimize and prevent risks, which in turn leads to the success of our company.

– Whether you are a small or medium organization or an organization with thousands of employees, it is certain that you also need an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) to ensure that you and your colleagues in safe conditions. All systems of the company must be written, communicated, practiced and ensured a number of factors below:

3. Risk assessment

– Risk assessment helps you protect employees from potential hazard and your business avoid potential fines. After identifying potential hazards for your employees, you can identify safe non-compliance areas and propose appropriate solutions.

4. Regular meeting and communication strategies

– Creating a suitable meeting schedule for health, safety and environmental staff is key to review existing HSE strategies and successfully implement new initiatives. In addition, build a clear communication plan to promote collaboration and reduce confusion in emergencies. Schedule HSE staff meetings weekly or biweekly, and make sure to appoint a meeting leader and prepare an agenda to ensure effectiveness of meetings. Create a contact table for all HSE employees, a group in email or your internal communication tool, as well as working schedule for an easy-to-access, encouraging transparent communication between groups.

5. Organize training program and document system

– Employee safety training programs may include fire / tornado / earthquakes, accident simulation and even first aid for medical training. Other types of training includes proper use of PPE, forklift safety and hazardous waste management. Although OSHA does not require documentation on all types of training, this is the best way to keep documents. These notes may be useful when planning future training.

6. HSE Leadership role

– Unsafe behaviors increase the risk of accidents at work and needs to be managed properly. Therefore, the role of HSE leaders must be very close and bring different specific effects to achieve the lowest rate of incident. This is done and verified through many indicators (not just by the business’ report) and the face of many other troublesome risks. For example, the safety career in construction industry, almost employees has little interest in Managers because they are scrutiny experts, catch behavioral errors and penalties, etc and Safety training every day .. This also leads to lots of discomfort from the surrounding individuals in the organization.

– Therefore, Prevention is maximized but how responds to unavoidable incidents are. HSE sets new standards for other businesses and even regulatory agencies and standards organizations must follow. The status of the organization’s leadership will reflect a lot of its reputation and brand value.

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Ground Breaking Ceremony: Factory Construction 5,124sqm


– On the morning of April 19, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation started the construction project of 5124m2 factory.

– Under the project “Factory of organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, the capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year” has been successful.

👉   General information about the project:

➡ Project name: Factory of organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year.

Participating in the ceremony include:

  1. Vo Thi Lai – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation
  2. Hoang Vu Nhat – Project Director
  3. Phan Vu Giap – Site Manager
  4. Tran Hai Lang – Project Director
  5. Vo Tan Sy – Head of Technical Department
  6. Tran Viet Su Hai: Head of Safety Department

Together with Site board of management’s collective from other construction sites to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

Phước Thành: “Sự thành công của đối tác chính là sự thành công của chúng Tôi”

Tin ảnh: phòng truyền thông Ptcons.


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Binh Chieu – TDH Riverview Topping Out Ceremony

Topping Out Ceremony: Binh Chieu – TDH RIVERVIEW

– In less than a month, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation held topping out ceremony for three projects, Citrine Apartment, Saigon Avenue, and now TDH Riverview on April 10th, 2019. This is a proud success to share with everyone. In order to do that, it is thanks to the efforts of the board of directors and the collective of employees who have made great efforts to comply with the commitments to the owner.

– With the desire to meet the needs of consumers, supply the market with valuable and quality real estate products, Thu Duc Housing Development Joint Stock Company (Thuduc House) has started construction of the project Binh Chieu THD – Riverview apartment, located on Ngo Chi Quoc Street, Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City with the main contractor Phuoc Thanh Construction Company.

Attendants to the event include:

Representatives from Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation:

  • Mr Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director
  • Mr. Tran Hai Lang – Project Director
  • Mr. Vo Tan Sy – Technical Managert
  • Mr. Vo Tien Dung – Site Manager
  • Mr. Dinh Duy Quoc – Deputy Site Manager
  • Mr. Tran Viet Tuy Hai – Chief of HSE Department

– And Site Management Board of the Project Binh Chieu Apartment – Lot H

Representatives from Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

– Representatives from local authorities:

  • Ms. Pham Hoai Anh – Binh Chieu Ward’s Party Secretary
  • Ms. Truong Ngoc Yen – President of Binh Chieu Ward People’s Committee

Representatives from The Employer – Thu Duc Housing Development Corporation

  • Mr. Le Chi Hieu – Chairman
  • Mr. Nguyen Vu Bao Hoang – Member of the Management Board

Supervision Consultant Unit: Saigon Construction Quality JSC:

  • Mr. Tran Tien De – Deputy General Director
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Trung – Director of SCQC 5
  • Mr. Tran Hai Minh – Senior Supervisor

Representatives from STOA Co., Ltd

  • Mr. Lam Viet Cuong – Director

Representatives from Refrigeration contractor: Global Technology Corporation

  • Mr. Nguyen Khoa Dang Nhut – Deputy Director
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Project Director
  • Mr. Le Thai Ngoc – Site Manager

– Representatives from Tien Phong Bank (TP Bank)

  • Mr. Phan Phu Hoa – Hung Vuong Branch Director

Apart from the above, there was representatives from Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, the Employer – Thu Duc House, along with partners such as Nam Phat Co., Ltd. – construction, development and finishing; SDC Co., Ltd. – providing constructional utility ; Phuc Thinh Duc Co., Ltd.; Hong Ha Beton JSC. Especially, there was also the presence of representatives of press agencies, TV stations attended and reported on the event.

– Contribution to the success of the project is efforts from the whole collective of technician and workers spending day by day, night by night on construction site without weather precautions to complete project on schedule.

– In the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri shares about enthusiasm of engineers as well as efforts from workers during construction period for TDH Riverview.

Mr Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director.

– Mr Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director, said: “I would like to give thanks to Engineers, Supervisors and all construction teams completed the project on schedule. We finished the structure work, on schedule committed with the Employer. I wish TDH will have many other projects in the coming time, and continue cooperation with PTCONS, we commit reasonable price and the best quality of the works”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Bao Hoang – Member of the Management

– Mr. Nguyen Vu Bao Hoang – Member of the Management Board also shared about enthusiasm to the project: “The project TDH – Riverview is the segment of small and medium sized apartment suitable for customers who have quite good personal income. It commenced in April, 2018 and is ready to hand over customer on 04th quarter, 2019. The project shall has many utilities, meeting full of security to resident. We are very pleased to take place THD Riverview topping out ceremony. On behalf of the entire company employees, once again, we appreciate and thank help and supports from local authorities, agencies, city have created the favorable conditions for Thu Duc House and partners in cooperation, construction on schedule, safety ensured. We wish all leaders, guests coming here the best health and more success”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Bao Hoang Member of the Board of Directors shared his enthusiasm for the project

– The ceremony includes 02 part is Topping-out: all leaders shall stand together and pick up the steel bar hanging the banner, then the tower crane shall lift it up onto 16th floor, this part is topping out worshiping.

Below is some of photos of the ceremony

the topping out ceremony

the topping out ceremony

Several photos at the ceremony:

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony


– TDH Riverview is designed as Japan apartment standard, creating green, fresh and beautiful space, a happy life.

  • Finance sponsor : TP-Bank
  • Total floor area: 19,790 m2
  • Number of floor: 16
  • Number of block: 1
  • Number of apartment: 216
  • Total apartment area: 15121657.45m2

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)



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Sai Gon Avenue Topping Out Ceremony

Sai Gon Avenue Topping Out Ceremony

– The ceremony on April 04th, 2019 was taken place successfully with the attendance of the employer – LAN PHUONG Co., Ltd. and Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation.

Coming to the event, there was presence of guest as below:

1.Representatives from the Employer – Lan Phuong Co., Ltd. :

  • Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – Chairman
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuoc – General Director
  • Mr. Phan Hai Lam – Deputy Director

2.Representatives from Phuoc Thanh Contractor

  • Mr Nguyen Cao Tri: Deputy General Director
  • Mr Nguyen Minh Tuan : Project Director
  • Mr Trinh Hoang Nguyen: Site Manager Sai gòn Avenue

3.Representatives from Supervision Consultant SCQC3:

  • Mr Vy Mai San: General Director SCQC3

4.Officials from Tam Binh Ward People’s Committee

  • Mr Le Nguyen Trong Quoc: President Tam Bình Ward

Representatives of partners and local authorities received flowers

5. Partners:

  • Mr Le Truong Son: Investment Director SG Coop
  • Mr Tran Trung Dinh: Agribank – Branch 9: Branch Director

And other contractors such as: Nam Thinh Mechanical Electrical Refrigeration Corporation

Representatives of partners and local authorities received flowers

Start of the ceremony is 02 songs with name “Sai Gon Dep Lam” and “Tu Hao Viet Nam OI” performed by singer Lac Viet. This made it become most excited ever.
With the desire to meet customer’s demands, supply the market qualified real estate products, Lan Phuong Company has commenced the project Saigon Avenue with the main contractor Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

The opening performance: “Tu Hao Viet Nam oi”

Song: “Hao Khi Viet Nam” of Singer Vo Minh Lam ft NSUT Le Hong Tham

The dance performance of the unicorn welcomed the guests of delegates

Full participation of all levels of government and partners

Next part is the topping out ceremony, an important formality in the ceremony expressing desire of happiness, convenience in business work

the topping out ceremony

Celebrate Sampanh glass to congratulate the rite of concrete

Rite of placing concrete at the ceremony

Several photos at the ceremony:

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony


Take photo at the ceremony


  • Project name : Saigon Avenue
  • Scale: 01 basement, 25 floors
  • Project height: 90m
  • Total landscape area: 11.028,88 m2 .
  • Total land area (based on podium area): 5.431,45 m2
  • Construction density  : 50%
  • Total basement area: 10.584,3 m2

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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Safety, Occupational Health And Enviroment Topic – March/2019


👉While the sun has positive effects such as helping to synthesize vitamin D, improving circulation and increasing metabolic productivity, but too much contact can cause extremely dangerous harms for human health such as thermal shock, exhaustion, skin cancer, etc
👉👉 🆘Therefore, we will explore the topic of occupational safety about harms as well as specific and appropriate measures to protect the body at all times of the year.———–

UVA rays contribute to skin damage, especially causing premature aging of the skin.

♻️ Harms of sunlight to the body?

Sunlight consists of spectral rays and others which has different wave length. In particular, UV rays. In particular, UV rays are short wavelengths light, essentially a type of rays harmful to the human body, UV rays will have the most effect when contacting the human’s skin and eyes, reducing body resistance in the long term. UV rays usually have three forms, ultraviolet A (UVA rays), ultraviolet B (UVB rays) and ultraviolet C (UVC rays):

  • UVB rays provide energy for the skin to make vitamin D, but it also causes the skin to darken and directly damage DNA.
  • UVA rays contribute to skin damage, especially for premature aging
  • UVC rays are blocked in the earth’s atmosphere so they do not affect the skin.

1. Severe sunshine affects the skin

  • UVA and UVB rays affect the skin which frequently exposed to the sun, attacking the dermis, causing darkened skin and sunburnt
  • In addition, high-intensity sun exposure causes wrinkles, causing damage and leading to skin cancer
  • Statistics of the American Academy of Dermatology and skin cancer are the most common cancers in the US, with nearly 9,500 Americans diagnosed with skin cancer every day. (According to
  • Skin cancer causes fatal when malignant tumors are formed. In addition, other skin cancers can cause death in many different ways. (According to

2. Pathogen proliferation

The food is quickly rancid

  • In hot and humid weather (especially when the temperature lasts for 37 – 38oC), the food is quickly rancid. Fleas and bacteria proliferate, spread germs through food and drinking water, causing food poisoning, affecting our quality of life.

3. Heat shocking

  • Heat shock is a phenomenon when the temperature rises excessively, leading to physical disorders, manifested through increased body temperature gradually turning to red skin and a strong increase in heart rate, a more serious condition occurs such as dizziness, headache even unconscious and fainting.
  • As reported by the British Association of Health, up to 59% of strokes happened in the summer are caused by heat shock. The cause is often due to high-intensity activity for a long time in a high-temperature environment. People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid dysfunction are more likely to become victims of heat shock

4. Dehydration and minderals deficiency

  • In hot weather, the body gets dehydrated due to excessive sweating, especially for people who exercise a lot, do heavy work or go out in the sun
  • Dehydration reduces blood volume, reduce blood through the kidney, reduce urine excretion, and cause metabolic disorders in cells, increase blood-soluble products. Dehydration also reduces important minerals in the body such as potassium (K +), sodium (Na +), chloride (Cl-) …
  • Dehydration causes the body to become unbalanced, tired, disturbing the regulation of body temperature, and reducing physical and mental performance

♻️ How to take care health in hot weather?

To ensure health in hot weather, we should do the following hobbies:

  1. Drink at least 02 litres of water in 02-03 hours during working time
  2. Drink much water before starting work
  3. Checking color of urine
  4. Take rest time in hot weather
  5. Take a long sleep at night
  6. In working time, inform to colleagues (direct manager) in case of illness

Hope brothers and sisters comply with the above to ensure the best health

By: Phuoc Thanh Corp’s Safety Board


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Commencement Ceremony of Chi Hung Factory – Binh Duong


  • Item: Warehouse + Parking in Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province

On February 27th, 2019 Phuoc Thanh Contractor and Chi Hung Co., Ltd. organized commencement ceremony for Factory project, My Hiep Hamlet, Thai Hoa Ward, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province. In this project, Phuoc Thanh is responsible for package of new construction for 05-floor warehouse and 03-floor motorbike parking.

Nghi thức xúc cát trong buổi lễ

With many experience and success in previous factory projects such as: 

  • Mechanical factory JFE – JAPAN (Nhon Trach Industrial Park – Dong Nai)
  • ACHEM TECHNOLOGY factory – CHIO GROUP TAI WAN (VSIP I, Binh Duong Province)

Phuoc Thanh Contractor shall accompany and complete projects with quality committed with the Employer

Several photos at the ceremony:

Investor at Project Chi Hung

Investor at Project Chi Hung

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

News, photos: PR department

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New Year’s 2019 At Ptcons

New Year’s  2019 At Ptcons

🌸🌸🌸 The start of a lucky and prosperous new year, on the morning of 10 Tet (February 14, 2019), at the main office of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company, the 2019 Ky Hoi spring opening event took place. out in the jubilant atmosphere with the attendance of the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company.

Ban Tổng Giám Đốc Công ty Cổ Phần Xây Dựng Phước Thành

🎉 In the atmosphere on the first day of spring, more exciting was the performance of the Lion Lion and the Lien Huu delegation, everyone shook hands and exchanged wishes for a happy and successful new year on the first days of the new spring. . This is a routine activity of the Company at the beginning of the year with the desire that Ptcons will enter a new year with a spirit of confidence and full of excitement.

Ban Tổng Giám Đốc Công Ty Cổ Phần Xây Dựng Phước Thành

Màn trình diễn của đoàn Lân Sư Rồng Liên Hữu

Khai xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019


Hopefully in this year of the Pig year 2019, with a promising start, everyone will continue to unite, make more efforts and create more, join hands to contribute to bringing Ptcons to more and more steady wings. further on regional and international markets.

Some pictures at spring opening

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 – Ban Lãnh Đạo cùng Các Giám Đốc Dự Án

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 – Tập Thể Nhân Viên Công Ty Ptcons

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 tại Ptcons

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 tại Ptcons

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 tại Ptcons

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 tại Ptcons

Khai Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 tại Ptcons


Tin ảnh: Phòng tuyền thông Ptcons

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Safety, Health, And Environmental February 2019

Happy & safe

– The Lunar New Year is the most important and meaningful traditional holiday of the year for Vietnamese people. This is the intersection point between the old year and the new year, between a working cycle of heaven and earth, all things, plants. This is the happiest, warmest and most meaningful time of a year.

Tết Nguyên đán là dịp lễ truyền thống

However, not everyone can do it to enjoy a meaningful, joyful, safe and economical Tet season.

Outstanding problems in Tet holiday?
Humiliation, fighting
There are many reasons that lead to fighting, besides alcohol is the main one, gambling, cursing and going to fight, car crashes leading to fights, quarrels leading to conflict … Even There are many reasons that lead to a fight, such as forcing each other to drink, which also leads to fighting …

Ẩu đả, đánh nhau

2. Traffic accident

It is an eternal issue in weekdays and especially during Tet.

Tai nạn giao thông

3. Food poisoning.

According to the Food Safety Department, the Tet food market is always an opportunity for counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, and poor quality goods to circulate and deceive consumers.

Ngộ độc thực phẩm

Besides confectionery, eye-catching dishes made from unknown origin foods are the consumer concern such as spring rolls, banh chung, dried bamboo shoots …

How to celebrate the New Year happily, safely and healthy?
Avoid scuffle, fight
In the event that a person is (or is at risk) of using violence against another person or against himself, what should people do?

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Colonel Nguyen Minh Duc: “When seeing an individual or a group of people preparing to fight, those present need:

Find ways to relieve tension immediately, such as separating the two sides;
Requesting the person at fault to quickly acknowledge the error and seek to solicit the victim;
Immediately notify the nearest competent authority if the situation is not going well.
Absolutely not to have acts of cheering, cheering, inciting both sides.

In case other people attack them, in addition to legitimate defense, the victim also needs to encourage those around him to help.

If the person being attacked is a third person, the people around are obliged to protect and help, not indifferently watch, as none of their business …

Traffic Safety
Let’s each also build a culture of safety in traffic. (The content mentioned in the previous topic).

As a wise consumer, make food according to the 10 golden rules.
We should be careful when choosing to buy and use food to protect the health of ourselves and our family. The basic principle is:

Select foods with clear origin, date of manufacture, expiry date, well-labeled information, not spoilage, and have an unpleasant odor.
In addition, we need to note the principles published by WHO as shown below:

Nhân dịp Tết đến xuân về, Ban An toàn Công ty kính chúc tất cả Anh / Chị / Em

một năm mới nhiều Sức Khỏe  – An Khang  –  Thịnh Vượng!

Thực hiện: Ban An toàn Công ty Phước Thành