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Groundbreaking Ceremony of High-rise Apartment, Shopping center Opal Boulevard – Binh Duong

Groundbreaking Ceremony of High-rise Apartment, Shopping center Opal Boulevard – Binh Duong

Congratulations on the groundbreaking ceremony of Opal Boulevard high-rise apartment, shopping center project on the morning of March 2, 2020.

– Project name: Opal Boulevard

– Location: 18 Kha Van Can, Binh An Ward, Di An Commune, Binh Duong Province

– The Client: Ha An Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company belongs to Dat Xanh Group (Dat Xanh Group)

– The general contractor: Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

Attending the ceremony include:

Representatives of the Client:

+ Mr. Le Phong Khanh Bao – Head of Project Management Unit

+ Mr. Huynh Ngoc Duy – Deputy of Project Management Unit

Representatives of the general contractor:

+ Ms. Vo Thi Lai – Deputy General Director

+ Mr. Hoang Vu Nhat – Project Director

+ Mr. Vo Tien Dung – Site Manager

+ Mr. Tran Hai Lang – Project Director

+ Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam – Project Director

Together with many of the staff in the Site Management Board and representatives of subcontractors came to attend the ceremony.

Opal Boulevard scale consists of 2 blocks A and B with 35 floors, divided into 4 clusters of blocks A2, A1, B2 and B providing 1,446 apartments. Block A1 provides approximately 278 regular apartments and 7 shopping and service areas, Block A2 has 287 standard apartments and 1 shopping and service area, Block B1 with 437 regular apartments and 8 shopping and service areas, Block B2 provides 444 standard apartments and 6 shopping and service areas.

– A series of integrated internal facilities in the Opal Boulevard project to meet the needs of residents living here including kids climbing game area, children’s play area, BBQ area, smoking area, internal roads zones, sidewalks, patios, roads for firefighters, tunnels, etc.

Some photos at the ceremony:

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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Men’s Friendly Football League Fc_Ptcons 2020


– With the aim of having good health, creating a healthful playground, creating opportunities for exchanges, learning from each other, increasing solidarity for all employees working at Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation. The Company organized the “Men’s friendly football league PTCONS FC 2020” on February 29, 2020.

About teams attending:



Đội bóng Safety PTC (màu đỏ) và đội CT D’Lusso Diamond (màu xanh)

Đội Phòng Kỹ Thuật (màu đỏ) và đội CT Fresca Riverside (màu xanh)

Đội phòng đấu thầu (màu xanh) và đội phòng QL Thiết bị vật tư (màu vàng)

Đội Hưng Phát 1 (màu xanh) và đội Hưng Phát 2 (màu đen)

Schedule of the Men’s friendly football league PTCONS FC 2020.

  • 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups A and B according to the draw results on February 27, 2020, in the knockout rule. The 4 winning teams will advance to the semi-finals and compete in the final on March 7, 2020.
  • The champion team will receive a trophy and a souvenir flag and awards from the organizers and sponsors.
  • Second, third and incentive teams will receive flags and prizes from the organizers and sponsors.

The competition time takes place from February 29, 2020, and ends on March 7, 2020.

– According to the football schedule taking place on February 29, 2020, between 8 teams in the season – PTCONS FC_2020 has identified 4 names to continue in the semi-final:

  1. Safety FC PTC Team
  2. Fresca Riverside Project Team (Lot I)
  3. Tender Department
  4. Hung Phat Project – Team 1

Let’s wait for the finale to see which team will be crowned champion.

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)


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Ground Breaking Ceremony Of D’lusso Diamond Apartment _Dist 2


On the morning of February 22, 2020, the Commencement Ceremony of D’Lusso Diamond project apartment project took place successfully. Attending at the ceremony, there were leaders of both sides Investor and construction contractor Phuoc Thanh and RioLand project development unit.

The Client: Minh Thong Real Estate Trading Company Limited.

General Contractor: Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

Address: Nguyen Thi Dinh, An Phu Ward, District 2

Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

D ‘Lusso is a high-class apartment project located in the heart of District 2. With its location along Giong Ong To River, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, this is one of the rare apartments to bring a classy living space for D ‘Lusso residents.

D’Lusso project was taken over by the General Contractor, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

D’Lusso project is designed by the inspiration of sophisticated European style, each apartment is designed with natural ventilation, the space between the two apartments is a ventilation slot to help the apartment stay cool, and get natural sunshine.

D’Lusso project was taken over by the General Contractor, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, a reputable contractor for many years in the field of construction with many cooperation projects such as The CBD project, Centana project, Ricca project, etc.

D’Lusso project was taken over by the General Contractor, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation,

In addition, D’Lusso Project is invested by the client Minh Thong Real Estate Trading Co., Ltd. belonging to Dien Phuc Thanh Company – One of the major investors with outstanding projects such as Centana Thu Thiem, Rio Bonito Residential Area, etc.

As a reputable and experienced owner in the luxury apartment product line, Minh Thong Real Estate Trading Co., Ltd promises to bring you a quality and high-end product line.

D’Lusso is the place where downtown of Saigon gives way to green space. The place of quality of life is defined by the essence of nature: the flowing water brings prosperous air, the prosperous land has charming scenery.

That’s right, the D’Lusso project is equipped with the best facilities to match the high-end product line, meeting residents with a wonderful home to enjoy after stressful working hours or enjoy the beautiful weekend life at D’Lusso.

Some photos at the ceremony:

D’Lusso project was taken over by the General Contractor, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation,

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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New Year’s Party at Head Office of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

New Year’s Party at Head Office of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation

– Starting a new year of lucky and prosperous work, on the morning of February 11, 2020, at the head office of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, Year of Rat 2020 took place in the jubilant time with the full attendance of the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company.

– In the spring season when the whole world is fighting the Corona pandemic, Ptcons greeted the new year did not forget to equip the health protection for themselves and other members. In the atmosphere on the first day of the spring season, the exciting part was the performance of Lien Huu Dragon Dance Team, everyone shook hands and exchanged wishes of a happy new year, success on the first days of the new spring. This is a common practice at the beginning of the year with the desire that Ptcons enter a new year with a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm.

🎉Hopefully in this Year of Rat 2020, with a promising start, everyone will continue to unite, strive and create more and more, join hands to help Ptcons more steadily spread its wings further on regional and international markets.

Photos at the New Year’s party:


(News, Photos: PTCONS – PR Deparment)




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15th Anniversary of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation Establishment

15th Anniversary of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation Establishment

– In the spring season is coming, let’s take a look at the images of the party on January 11, 2020. These are moments to look back on the development and breakthrough journey of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation in 15 years with changes in the stature and position of Phuoc Thanh Company in the construction industry. The party is also an extremely great opportunity for all of the colleagues of the company from projects across the regions of the country to come together and join with each other, improve the spirit of solidarity, continue to stand side by side to conquer challenges, to climb higher levels in 2020 with PTCONS.

Established on December 30, 2004

– Being a construction contractor with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Design & Build.

– As one of the most prestigious Construction Contractors in the construction industry in Vietnam with hundreds of projects covering the whole country and abroad.

– In 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation was certified as Top 5 BEST CONTRACTOR by the Vietnam Real Estate Association Reatimes. The awards were voted by more than 20 experts, more than 300,000 readers and 150 journalists

– Until 2020, from a pioneer “rookie” in the field of construction, up to now Phuoc Thanh has expanded its market share in addition to developing housing projects and industrial parks. Infrastructure, residential area, urban area, and entertainment area etc.

Always be highly appreciated by the Clients for the quality of construction works.

  • Experienced engineer team, modern equipment.
  • Successful implementation of large-scale projects
  • Ensuring the schedule, work progress
  • Ensuring construction capacity and equipment.
  • Ensuring labor safety.
  • Highly appreciated by real estate developers.

– On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the company, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation also recognized the long-term contributions and accompanying of the Site Management Boards with outstanding achievements in the process of working by memorial medals awarded by the Board of Directors. In addition, the party also has the contribution of entertainment programs performed by the company’s employees with impressive performances. To increase the attractiveness, there is also a sweepstakes program with extremely valuable prizes.

– The party closed with many emotions and determined decisions to wish Phuoc Thanh Company to further develop.

Photos at the party:

(News, Photos: PTCONS – PR Deparment)




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Safety, Occupational Health And Enviroment Topic – January/2020


– Success is what everyone wants to achieve in life regardless of the field. So, the question is how to be successful and be a leader in your work?

– Each of us was born to win, impress and inspire. But why there are people who are brave and wise, always up to higher standards. On the other hand, there are those who live in a “safe zone” forever?

– So how do we get out of the “safe zone” and get rid of the average? Here are some of the life notions of those who always rise above life in pursuit of great goals:

– Obviously, most of those who have the breakthrough concept will succeed, live a fuller and happier life than those who understand the average level, let’s study the reason for them to be different and successful by the information below.

What is the risk of “ Safe zone”?

– There is a story about a land of birds born with a large wingspan, but never taking off the ground. Because the land was rich, they only need to eat foods on land, and their wings made it difficult and hard to move. No one shows them how to fly or makes them realize that wings are what will help them fly higher, go further with a wider vision.

– Then one day, a catastrophe struck, with the size and the vastness of their wings, so their fate will probably end here. In the school, then, there was a strong bird spreading its dive wings out from the craggy cliff. The wind lifted in a huge way, pulling it away from the ground and the flood, rising to the sky.

– From there, other birds learn to find a way out of the oncoming disaster. Gradually over time, only a few birds could not fly, the rest could fly proficiently in the sky. Safe zone is where we feel secured and peaceful by the stability of the things available.

Do not dare to step out of the “safe zone”, you are making your own life fading: Selecting comfort and stability is to accept ordinary and eternal life without the chance to succeed.

– So we have to get out of our safe zone quickly, take action now. We always think that escaping from a safe zone is to do big things, make decisions for your destiny, sometimes it’s just simple to say love to those around us, change a habit, working way, the way home or take on a new assignment, etc.

– Only when stepping out, we have the opportunity to explore our inherent potentials, thereby seeking happiness and fulfillment in life.

What is breakthrough thinking?

– To get out of a safe zone, we first need to change our minds.

– Most of our minds are still in a safe zone and we cannot escape patterns that have been molded into our brains before, so we must learn to think breakthrough.

– Breakthrough thinking is seen as an essential skill in life today. And to have breakthrough thinking is not just born to have.

Hành trình thoát khỏi “vùng an toàn”

– From his research and testing, author Jonah Sachs of the book “Unsafe Thinking” has drawn the routes to escape from a safe zone, summarized as follows:


– You should consider your change of mindset as a battle with ourselves, forcing us to have the courage to face and dare to change. The foundation of courage is the necessary foundation to take the first steps on the journey of breakthrough thinking.

So how to train courage?

  • Look for less exciting moments: When less excited we will be able to be creative at a higher level. When we are agitated, it seems that the ability to create and breakthrough from our brain will become inferior.
  • Accept anxiety as part of the journey: When we avoid situations, we become more anxious. Instead, the anxiety about the difficulty which are viewed as the opportunity is more suggestive of your imagination.

– Look for situations that push you out of the safe zone. Pay attention to your feeling when you experience that. By carefully observing how you respond, you may find this experience more valuable and perhaps more enjoyable than the easy, comfortable things before.

– Reimagining fear is the fuel of creativity: Sometimes fear is a sign which helps you have a bang of creativity.

2. Motivation

– We need the energy to sustain the test and challenge with new ways of doing business. What are the things to keep in mind?

  • Use the power of motivation to stay energized: We should focus our attention on the intrinsic motivation, or what we love, which is the source of deep creative energy existing in each of us.
  • Put yourself in the flow: A flow occurs when we know ourselves trying to achieve something, our level or skill is equal to or less than the level of challenge and regular feedback. Then you will find inner motivation.
  • For effective distraction with yourself: Unconscious distraction will kill our creativity. And so the distraction needed to make them effectively, create your endless source of creativity like Da Vinci, create the magic of a leisurely walk on the streets in Venice.


– How can we gain an advantage in our professional mindset while being nimble at the same time learning more from new people?

  • Take time to put you in the position of a beginner: When you are in the position of a beginner, it requires you to start from scratch, thinking from the beginning and prejudices will be broken. Then you will have creativity.
  • Do not try to be like an expert: When you appear to be an expert, you are more likely to make mistakes and you will no longer want to learn anything. So being humble will give you an edge.
  • Take time to make important decisions for as long as possible: When we make decisions quickly, it’s clear that we always freeze on that.

4. Flexibility

– How do we know the power, intuitive limits and advantages of counterintuitive ideas?

  • Pay attention to your intuition: Often we do not value intuition but it is very necessary. Feel more about your ideas, you will certainly be more inspired.
  • Do not blindly believe in intuition, because it is right but it is also wrong. So we must know how to test our intuition and not always trust our intuition completely.

Always check your intuition, because they are easily affected by the wrong way of thinking.

  • Breaking down our own prejudices: The combination of intuition and analytical mind can help us overcome our own prejudices and detect extraordinary breakthroughs.
  • Accept confusing and unreasonable things: Sometimes there are things we do not have answers about them. Clinging too long is not a sure way to help us think better. But please accept and have open-mindedness is a special solution.

5. Morality

– Here are a few helpful things and will help you a lot in your life.

  • Practicing disobedience: Excessive compliance will limit creativity, but disregarding without consideration is unwise.

When you encounter rules that limit your creativity, first suggest changing them and if that doesn’t work, openly share your intention to break that rule. Others will appreciate you for that. Design your rebellion to maximize benefits for others, and then you’re most likely to be forgiven.

  • Teach disobedience to others: Reducing unproductive rules unleashes creativity. And the way you tell them stories of people who are out of bounds helps them know how to work effectively.
  • Finding different allies: We will quickly find creativity, develop cognitive abilities and find hidden solutions when we stay with people who do not have the same ideas.

6. Leadership

– Here are some skills to work with others and overcome social pressure that is always against the leadership.

  • Resisting hasty consensus: Instead of acclaiming, exaggerating and concluding with a safe mindset from the supporting group, we can resist and voice our point of view. Not accepting means our minds will be more creative.

– If you’re a leader, keep in mind that the default mindset will go away if the leaders listen to others first and everyone expresses their views.

  • Safety of risk: Safety does not limit creativity. You probably won’t feel safe choosing a risk. Safety sometimes enhances creativity. Some refinements can also stimulate creativity.
  • Not only recognize success but also encourage risk: Directly encourage smart activity, identify failures or ask intelligent questions. This will help divert the groups away from the conservative approach. Allow them to engage in things they haven’t discovered.

– Above are some general ideas about successful breakthrough thinking that will be helpful for everyone in work and life.


By: Phuoc Thanh Safety Department




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Management training program at Ptcons 12/2019

Management training program at Ptcons 12/2019

– At ptcons, people are the most valuable asset. As the Ptcons developed, the Ptcons also developed. In order to ignite passion and urge employees to develop to higher positions is one of the top concerns of the Board of Directors, so Ptcons developed a training program for all employees to improve their knowledge. self awareness as well as professional skills, peace of mind to accompany, long-term attachment with Ptcons.

In charge of training: Department of Quality Control, P.HR, HSE, Marketing.
Program advisor: Mr. Tuy Hai.
Objectives: Under the direction of the Board of Directors of the company, training the inheritance management team in maintaining and developing high quality human resources at Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company.
Participants: managers from CHP upwards are working at Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company.

Paying attention to developing high quality human resources, training the successors in operation and development is one of the strategies of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company today. Through training sessions to share knowledge will help people better understand the role as well as identify ways to handle work through real situations at the work based on scientific theory. modern.

In particular, creating all the conditions for human resources to develop comprehensively, with high expertise, ready to take on more jobs when necessary is the policy throughout the training plan of ptcons.

The program content includes:
Opening training session
Part I:
+ Overview of management knowledge for managers in the business with necessary skills.
+ Topic: Management in the business from theory to practice
Part II:
+ Topic: Negotiating partners
+ Thematic: Team management – subcontractors
+ Thematic: Project arrangement.

The training programs will target office workers, construction sites and are carefully invested in quality and quality. Surely, through being continuously equipped and fostered in knowledge and skills, the company’s staff will become more and more confident, enthusiastic, and join hands for Ptcons’ strong development.

(News, photo: Ptcons Communication)

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Topping Out Ceremony of Green River Apartment – Scocial house District 8

Topping Out Ceremony of Green River Apartment – Scocial house District 8

On the morning of December 10, 2019, the topping out ceremony of Hung Phat social housing project took place successfully with the full participation and participation of partners and investors of the company 276 Ngoc Long.

The Green River Apartment – Scocial house project is considered as one of the social housing projects of which Phuoc Thanh is the general contractor. With the relentless efforts of all the engineers and construction workers, both the Tower A and Tower B of the project are in the same roof.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

PHUOC THANH – “The success of partners is our success

(News, photos: PR department)

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Ground Breaking Ceremony of Ricca Apartment _ District 9

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Ricca Apartment _ District 9

On the morning of 12/12/2019, the Commencement Ceremony of Ricca apartment project took place successfully. Attending at the ceremony, there were leaders of both sides Investor and construction contractor Phuoc Thanh together
RioLand project development unit.

On the morning of December 12, 2019, the ground breaking ceremony of Ricca apartment area was held solemnly with the participation of the general contractor – Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company, representing the investor and the developer. Project – Rio Land Real Estate Company

Owning the “golden coordinates” at the center of Phu Huu, District 9, Ricca has two 18-storey towers, including 521 apartments, 28 duplex apartments and 23 commercial and service apartments on a total area of 12,6573 m2.

Developed by Rio Land – a unit with extensive experience with many successful projects in the East, Ricca brings the passion of Rio Land to a product of real value tailored to young families. Search for “the first home” with not much accumulated capital.

Most Ricca apartments have reasonable area of “1 bedroom + 1”, average price of 29 million dong, modern design, optimal performance, open space to welcome natural wind and sun, meeting the needs. food: moderate area – reasonable price but still enough amenities.

With the general contractor being Phuoc Thanh Company – a prestigious brand associated with many housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Rio Land expects that Ricca will be a quality residence for the civilized community in District 9.

More than a home that everyone wants to return to, Ricca will be the place to gather young and civilized communities with positive energy every day. It is a place where children can play and grow in a safe green space, adults have the opportunity to interact and connect in the knowledge community, while the elderly can leisurely enjoy a peaceful life. With the complex of internal utilities, such as multi-purpose sports court, tropical garden, internal park, resort pool, kindergarten … every Ricca resident can fully meet the needs of entertainment. and enjoy life.

At the ceremony, representatives of Phuoc Thanh company also shared the joy of becoming a reliable partner of the investor and Ricca project development unit. Certainly, the cooperation between prestigious units will bring to customers quality housing products in terms of structure, aesthetic in finishing.

Some photos at the ceremony:

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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Periodic health checks in 2019 for all employees of ptcons

Periodic Health Checks in 2019 for All Employees of Ptcons

– On the morning of November 30, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation Company held a periodic health examination for all employees. The organization of health check is not only a method to check and assess the suitability of employees’ health but also a way to show proper care to officials and employees of the company.

The purpose of the periodical health examination:
  • Early diagnosis of diseases at an early onset, especially the common dangerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer.
  • Monitor, detect and eliminate potential disease risk factors.
  • Improve the quality of life, ensure workers are full of health to work
  • Protecting employee health is also protecting the company’s human resources, creating sustainable development for businesses.
  • Improving productivity, reducing labor accidents as well as occupational diseases.

Some pictures of the health examination at the company this morning:

Phuoc Thanh – The Partner’s Success is our success.