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Conclusion Of Internship Program At Hoang Kim Paris Project In Year 2020


The review session of the internship program at Hoang Kim Paris in the year 2020 took place on the afternoon of September 16, 2020, this is the time when the students experience as real engineers on the construction sites of PTCONS. Representatives of the Company and the BCH of the project site Hoang Kim Paris had a meeting to exchange and listen to the students’ feelings.

— The representatives of the Company also instructed and answered the questions of the students about the cultural environment of the company, the career development path in the construction industry. The Site Board of Management of the Hoang Kim Paris also highly appreciated the spirit of self-awareness, obedience to the rules as well as very punctual working style. Hopefully, the students will continue to promote and develop in the near future and succeed in their career choices.

The internship process at the company in the position of Site Supervisor, helps students grasp concrete work, safety work, formwork, how to do inspection work at the site, based on the criteria to check whether those work are qualified or not, whether make effects in process or not. However, due to the short internship period, they did not have much time to study extra classes in other departments, units but it also partly helped them get practical exposure to the job and be more confident when they graduate and have a deeper understanding of the chosen career.

– The company and the Site Management Board wish the students, after the internship, will successfully complete their dissertation and will take steps firmly on the career path they are pursuing. In particular, the Company always welcomes and creates conditions for students to experience learning. If they are in the final school year, and they want to return to work, then the Company is ready to accept, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation is always ready to receive, accompanying with their steps.

(News, photo: Ptcons Marketing Department)

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Going For Strong And Tough: The First Time As A Labor Safety Engineera


Although the fourth year of the University is just over, with the spirit of inquisitive and eager to train herself, Hanh has had very interesting internship experiences at Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation. Although it is the first time she “set sail”, she has gained many valuable lessons and experiences. It will be useful “luggage” to help her feel more confident and steady in her future work.

In addition to lectures in school, Labor Safety Engineer are also very active in looking for internships outside to both study and practice, between learning the theory in the lecture hall, then the practice is also very important. Therefore, choosing a reputable construction company, a team of a knowledgeable and experienced team to practice, it is even more important. And luckily, when third-year students were accepted by Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation for an internship, a company with more than 15 years of experience in construction, a smooth human resource management system, a team of engineers are always dedicated to their work, complete with procedures, regulations, instructions for each specific job, all the necessary elements to support and help students in the first steps of life..

Through internships at companies, construction sites and projects, students are not only more active, but also have the opportunity to apply their learned knowledge into practice, update new knowledge and practice personal skills. . Although there are still many confusions between the theory and the practical environment, the students have truly immersed themselves in their work to feel more confident and understand their careers.

Practice your ability to handle situations and solve problems

Labor Safety Engineer is a job that always has many unexpected “stories”, so it is not suitable for passive people, who react slowly and do not grasp the situation and handle work in a slow manner. In general, students’ life is quite peaceful to see many bad things, crying and laughing in the real life. And only when going on the internship, the real environment can help the students witness and participate in those thrilling stories. If you do not get acquainted with these “erratic” circumstances, you will surely lose your temper and not solve the root of the problem, because, for the career of a Safety Engineer, neglect distraction for 1 second can cause many consequences, very serious loss. A saying that it will follow throughout the life of Safety Engineer: “Safety first”

Recalling her internship at the Site Board of Management of the Vinatex – Office Building project, Site Safety Board, Hanh happily reported:

After a period of 2 months at the construction site, I realized that the occupational safety and sanitation at the Vinatex Building project were generally fully implemented according to the company’s procedures and regulations. The project has built a good management system for occupational safety and sanitation strictly and responsibly for each individual. Comply with the provisions of the legal documents issued by the State. The work has well-organized training activities for employees so that they can understand and grasp the work effectively and safely. In addition, employees are equipped and provided with sufficient personal protective equipment. The work of fire prevention, rescue, and first aid is also focused on practicing. Machines are inspected before being put into use, to ensure the requirements of the law. Not only that, the project also measures the working environment, associates with the environmental company to collect solid waste, hazardous waste, monitors the environment periodically, and organizes activities to protect the environment.”

With the wise direction of the Board of Directors of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, along with the dedicated help, sharing precious experiences of the Site Safety Board has helped me to become more confident and understand more the work of occupational safety and sanitation as well as having the opportunity to get acquainted with the OSH Management of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation at the Vinatex Building project.

Gain practical experience in management, training, and propaganda for employees to comply with regulations and requirements at the site to protect their lives, health as well as interests. Know how to manage and check records from human to machine. Understand how to test conventional and rigorous equipment, and how to store and implement compliance with records, processes, regulations, forms according to the ISO 9001: 2015 – 14001: 2015 System and OHSAS 18001: 2007. Implement and issue safety training card and equip workers with sustainable industrial development. In addition, there is more understanding about the psychology and needs of the employees, from which we can consider and propose measures to improve occupational safety and health factor to ensure the best safety for labor.

Not only that, but I can also learn from the brothers and sisters in the project about their style, assessment style, recognition of things and working attitude, how to handle, and solve all situations. All of them have been working actively to avoid unfortunate accidents, to ensure the safety and interests of employees, contribute to improving the quality of labor to ensure the correct construction schedule, but still ensure safety. Being able to study and work at Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation is a great honor for myself – a student with many shortcomings. With a dynamic working environment and enthusiasm and always willing to help from the leaders, I feel friendlier when getting into an environment completely different from the schools. Since then, I feel more motivated and constantly improve to learn more knowledge and experience about the career.

In addition, the Company also has a support policy for students to practice, to motivate their spirit of learning and improve their work responsibilities. After finishing my internship, I hope to continue to have more opportunities to stay and work on the project with a new position. If wearing a uniform with the company logo will be the proudest thing for a new student like me. I myself will have to strive, make more effort, be responsible, and work more disciplined to respond the trust and help from the Board of Directors. I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Board of Directors of the Company, the Safety Board, the Site Management Board.

Thanks to the approval of the Board of Directors of the company, I and my friends have a successful internship. With extensive knowledge and long-term work experience in the profession, the Board has taken very reasonable steps to support students during their internship at the project, so that they can complete their job well assign, support me to collect data in the field for me to apply in the report and it is a bloody experience to help me devote more and more to my career.

With clear policies, procedures, regulations, years of experience management, and the talented management of the Board of Directors, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation has been stable for over 15 years at the marketplace full of harshness. Looking at the process of formation and development of the Company, it is enough to see that the brains of the company are talented, enthusiastic, and live hard people for the job and for the Company.

It will be forever happy memories, beautiful memories connecting friends together, and colleagues in the future. With the desire to pursue a career as a Labor Safety Engineer, the students did not hesitate to move forward, no success came by themselves, so go on your own to earn your own success. The path is short or long, some are far and near, but there is no peaceful road to reach glory. Only the efforts, diligence, hard, trying to learn, and comply, the way to success is closer and closer. Trying then soon be successful.

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The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of Phase III Project Luan Garment Company Limited


Investor represents the ceremony for the project

BCH has long queues to light incense for a successful project

Groundbreaking ceremony for An Giang Garment Company Limited project

Groundbreaking ceremony for An Giang Garment Company Limited project

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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Ground Ceremony Of Hung Phat Social Housing Project – Block C


On the morning of July 16th, 2020, the topping-out ceremony of Hung Phat social housing project took place successfully with the full participation of partners and the owner – 276 Ngoc Long Company.


– Being built at 2225 Pham The Hien Street, Ward 6, District 8, Green River Apartment Area is adjacent to 4 main streets front, in front of the project is District 8 traditional market, right behind is high school.

– Hung Phat Social Housing Project – Green River Apartment is considered as one of the social housing projects of which Phuoc Thanh is the general contractor. With the relentless efforts of all engineering engineers, Block C of the project has now been topped up.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:







PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)

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Groundbreaking Ceremony Of Office Building Project – Apartment Vinatex Building

Ground breaking Ceremony Of Office Building Project – Apartment Vinatex Building

– In the morning of April 23, 2019. At 39-41-43, Vo Van Kiet Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Vinatex Building office and apartment project took place.

– This is a project of the investor, Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group VINATEX

– Attending the groundbreaking ceremony, outside the representative of the Investor, the Supervisory Unit, the participation of a large number of Project Directors and Commanders from other projects to congratulate this event.

Attending the ceremony include:

  • Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan – Project Director of the project
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuc – Director of Viet Phuc company
    Mr.: Vo Tan Sy – Head of Technical Department
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoang Viet Nha – Head of Bidding Department
    Mr. Hoang Vu Nhat – Project Director
  • Mr.: Tran Minh Thien – Project Director
  • Mr. Tran Viet Tuy Hai – Head of safety department
  • Mr. Phan Minh Triet – General Director of Van Hien University Project
  • Mr. Huynh Tan Nhan – Director of Khoi Thanh project

– Cùng tập thể Anh Em BCH từ các công trường khác về tham dự trong buổi lễ khởi công .

Nghi thức lễ cúng khởi công

– Completing on schedule with the quality and safety of the project is one of the mottos that Phuoc Thanh is always committed to bringing to customers. With experience, capacity and sincerity, Ptcons will complete the project as committed to the Investor.

Nghi thức xúc cát

Một số hình ảnh tại buổi lễ:                     

Chụp hình lưu niệm cùng chủ đầu tư

Các giám đốc dự án, trưởng phòng ban cùng chúc mừng cho dự án mới

Ban an toàn công ty Ptcons cùng chúc mừng dự án mới

Phước Thành: “Sự thành công của Đối Tác chính là sự thành công của Chúng Tôi” 

Tin ảnh: Phòng Truyền Thông Ptcons


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Professtional Manner In Work And Team Work Skill June, 2020


What is professionalism?

– Professionalism is a consistent synchronization from idea to implementation method to achieve the set goals. Professionalism is shown through a scientific working manner combining with mastery of professional knowledge. In short, professionalism includes work, conduct, goals and qualities.

– Regardless of the position, every individual wants to build his own image called “professional”. In today’s dynamic and modern working environment, professionalism is considered as one of the top criteria determining the success of an enterprise or the ability of an individual’s promotion. So, to become more and more professional, do not hesitate to learn from your superiors, senior colleagues or even your subordinates. You will gain invaluable lessons and experiences from this effort.

No matter what position you are in, constant learning is essential for continuous improvement and reaching a peak. Life, the level of constant information technology development with the requirements of the work will be increasingly stricter and more diverse. If you do not equip yourself with the knowledge appropriate to the times, it will inevitably be eliminated because of the lag, out of date.

Features of professionalism: There are 07 following characteristics:

  • First: Professional knowledge

Professional workers must have a deep understanding of the profession, understand and master the levels of work and skills within the occupation. Professional staff can solve a number of seemingly very complex issues turning into simple, the main reason is that they have grasped the basic working principle. Society is constantly developing, especially in the era of science and technology. There are more and more new scientific and technological advances, new industries, more complex and more diverse jobs. That requires professional workers to constantly study and train for professional expertise to be able to adapt and face new knowledge.

  • Second: Talent, ability

– They have the skills to complete a job neat, normative, and agile. Lack of professionalism can do the job but their “output” is not nice, not neat, or generally not good enough. Professional people never blame “at, because of” but find the best solution to get the job done.

  • Third: Integrity

– Integrity in both daily behavior and professional ethics. Professional people who keep their promises, they say and do it right away. On the contrary, the lack of professionalism is unreliable, because the promise does not go hand in hand with the job, and they lack self-esteem.

  • Fourth: Responsibility spirit

– Professionals are responsible for their thoughts, statements and actions. Responsibility for the work shown on every result, product. Errors, mistakes in spelling, sloppy presentation, and misleading sentences in a document are enough to show the lack of responsibility of a text editor. A product defect has been discovered, but ignored and still launch into the market, most likely to lead to discrediting, the boycott of business products. At work, many people often justify their jobs, without acknowledging their responsibilities, with words such as: “My qualifications are limited”, “I tried”, “Such wages. I can only do that. “… a professional person who is always ready to face difficulties, concentrate, and try to solve problems. Hiding mistakes, avoiding hard work, pushing jobs for others, blame at circumstances is the working attitude of amateurs. Professionalism comes from the sense of the person who works for the obligations and responsibilities to the organization, the company, the colleagues, and himself.

  • Fifth: Self-control

– People with high professionalism can hold their own under great pressure. For example, before the boss’s scolding, the reflections of the employees, they still calmly explained and served, not “argument”. Professionals have the ability to refrain from falling into the details or fallacies of others.

  • Sixth: Respect others

– Professionals always respect their colleagues and the people around them, regardless of their position in society. Respecting colleagues also means not speaking badly, and absolutely not insulting colleagues. Nobel laureate Peter Doherty advises that if there is nothing good to say about a colleague, be quiet. Behaviors such as abusive workers and colleagues are more unethical than uneducated. Professionals have a high level of “emotional intelligence” and do not let their status affect them. You will have to work with people you don’t care about, even those who aren’t very comfortable. You will show more professionalism if you don’t let them know what you are thinking about them, but instead are friendly, polite and easy to work with. A professional is someone who is confronted with someone he doesn’t like as normal as nothing.

  • Seventh: Image and apperance

– Clothes that match the nature of the work, show the professional working style, create confidence for partners. Each job, each working environment has its own outfit requirements suitable to the working conditions as well as the characteristics of that job. Not only that, the costume also helps convey the characteristics of the business to partners, creating a vivid image of the corporate culture in the eyes of the people. Professionals appear in neat, unflattering attire, not too formal but appropriate for the situation, and polite. Appearing with outrageous clothes, lack of neat, too fussy not only lack of professionalism but also be understood to look down on the opposite person.

– In life, anyone of us, more than once behaved less professionally. Maybe it’s times of being too busy, poor thinking, immature, aggressive, angry, generally wrong. But if we are humble enough, we all have the opportunity to correct ourselves. You need to combine hard and soft skills to create a professional attitude in the way of communication and working.

What is teamwork?

Teamwork is a group of 2 people who work together to accomplish a common goal based on interaction and responsibility.

Common problems encountered when working in teamwork:

  • Raising opinions, distracting when meeting
  • No face to face
  • The group is overwhelmed by disagreements

Important skills needed for teamwork

o Listen to others

o Organizational skills

o Help and respect each other

o Responsible for the work assigned

o Encouragement and personal growth

o Mounts

o Create consensus.

o Impartial

– When working in a group will certainly bring more efficiency than an individual, let’s work together, unite and treat each other as close brothers and good friends to ensure safety for employees and offer the best products.

– Professionalism is an increasingly practical requirement in life, so if you do not want to be eliminated, right now you should start planning to build your image of a true professional employee!

The Safety Department of the Company wishes all of you a month filled with joy and solidarity together to achieve the Safety – Quality – Progress goals which the company has set.

By: Phuoc Thanh Company’s Safety Department

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Fire Protection Rehearsal In Phuoc Thanh Company’s Office


– We certainly cannot forget that the fire of the Carina Plaza apartment building in District 8 made the city people shocked and painful. This was the fire that had the largest loss of human life in the city in recent years

– Once again, the fire reminded people not to neglect the fire prevention and fighting (fire protection), especially for high-rise buildings and densely populated areas.

– On the morning of May 30, 2020, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation held a meeting: “Rehearsal of fire protection plan” at the company’s office.

Location: Company Head office No. 21, Street 24, Residential Him Lam, Binh Hung Ward, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Training unit: City Fire Department

Time: – Theory from 9:00 – 10:30 ′

           – Practice: 10h30 ′ to 12h00 ′

Đơn vị huấn luyện: Công An Phòng Cháy Chữa Cháy Thành Phố

– The content includes 2 parts: theoretical guidance on proactive prevention options in fire prevention and fighting, the second part is the practice of guiding the use of fire extinguishers.

– The South of Vietnam, in general, and Ho Chi Minh City, in particular, have the number of sunny hours, the average temperature of the day is high and the humidity is low, so it is easy to burn. Therefore, the FPF work needs more attention than ever.

With the current development momentum, many other high-rise buildings will be put into operation and continue to be built. In fact, many people expressed concern that they do not dare to live in high-rise buildings. To eliminate the above negative thoughts, the strengthening of fire prevention and fighting in general and PPF in high-rise buildings, in particular, should be paid special attention from the design, construction, and arrangement of safe exit routes; installing fire alarm equipment, standard fire extinguishing equipment and they always work, etc. is absolutely necessary

Đơn vị huấn luyện: Công An Phòng Cháy Chữa Cháy Thành Phố

Currently, in Vietnam, salespersons advertise to sell apartment projects in many details such as traffic quality utilities, etc. However, up to 80% of those have not mentioned the fire safety system for high-rise apartments, etc. But from reality shows, if the FPF was finished better, it might not have happened or if there was a fire, the damage would also be greatly reduced.


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Occupational Safety, Health And Environment, May 2020

Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, May 2020

  1. – Expeditiously construct to meet the progress, but Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company still complies with the regulations on occupational safety and health for employees. From April 1, 2020 up to now, when the whole country implemented social distance, at the construction sites, the construction command board strictly complied with stopping the main construction works (where workers gather); stop meeting activities, gather a large number of people, encourage use of online meetings under the guidance of the Board of Directors of the company.– The side tasks during construction must be spaced and supervised by the construction staff as well as the quick response team. Staff are restricted from going out of the building or the camp– Construction is a rather specific industry with a high density of workers on the works. Although construction workers are always equipped with protective equipment such as hats, masks, gloves, and protective clothing, the whole company is still very careful in safety and epidemic prevention conditions. As a result, there is currently no mistake about prevention of Covid-19 disease in the system.

    – At the entrance to the site, the office has a temperature checker, disinfection and disinfection tools. Those who do not have enough qualified masks are given out before entering the work site.

    – At all the sites, there were quick response teams for COVID-19 prevention (including BCH / CT components, HSE Boards, Security, Site Health and contractors with workers working at the site. submit). All projects are sprayed with disinfectant periodically, every day, there are teams to clean around the building, offices, warehouses, tents …

cổng ra vào công trường, văn phòng đều có bàn kiểm tra thân nhiệt, dụng cụ sát trùng, khử khuẩn

2. Activities in response to the month of Labor Safety and Health

Activities to respond to the Action Month on OSH at all projects of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company will be deployed throughout the working process and accelerated from the end of April to June 2020. , covering aspects of OSH activities such as: Identifying risks, updating additional procedures, work instructions; propaganda on OSH; training, drills; organizing sports events; activities to improve working conditions, health care for employees; …

Accordingly, it will review the activities of the unit, conduct a risk assessment, propose control measures to minimize risks for activities; Review according to the requirements of the law, consider current problems, make a full update of processes, regulations, … to ensure all activities of the company, the company All schools comply with the provisions of the law.

The propaganda activities were also promoted in the Month of Action on OSH in various forms such as: Propaganda by banners, slogans and other forms at the workplace; Propagating the purpose, meaning and activities of OSH month to all employees through newsletters, emails, intranet …; Organized meetings, launched in response to the month of action on OSH, Green – Clean – Beautiful for employees to participate.

The training, drills… on OSH will be focused on OSH month. Will organize training courses on OSH management system and safety training courses as required by law for departments, affiliates, members; Adequate training of OSH for employees; Organize drills, drills in emergency emergency situations ……

The periodic and extraordinary inspection and supervision of OSH implementation are directed by the Board of Directors of the company to be strictly implemented by the Boards, affiliated units and members such as: Inspection of OSH – Public fire prevention company and unit level; unexpectedly inspect the observance of labor regulations, OSH and FPF work at the construction sites.

The program started from the first day of April 2020, not early but at the right time, when OSH issues – FPF are being promoted, strictly preventing epidemics, aiming for a movement month with great content. , important, daily in the company’s labor-production-business activities. In the Action Month “Promoting the improvement of working conditions and controlling OSH risks at the workplace”, the implementation activities will be carried out by the whole company and its member units. review, to draw experiences and encourage timely rewards, in order to do better OSH work, an important task is always at the forefront of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company.

3. Typical start-up activities in response to OSH month:

Hanging banners to propagate in response to OSH month:

Maintain safety training again weekly:

Treo băng rôn tuyên truyền hưởng ứng tháng ATVSLĐ


Duy trì huấn luyện an toàn hàng tuần trở lại

  • Arranging medical staff for health care workers:

Bố trí nhân viên y tế chăm sóc sức khỏe công nhân viên

  • Maintaining control over the Covid-19 epidemic:

Duy trì công tác kiểm soát dịch Covid-19

  • Organize additional training on OSH knowledge for employees of the company:
    – “When we do very little alone, we can create many ideas together.” The Company Safety Committee would like to wish you all a month full of joy, creativity and health. and holding hands together to bring Ptcons to new heights!Phuoc Thanh: “The success of our Partner is our success
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Occupational Safety, Health And Environment, March 2020



What is strategy? A strategy is the set of decisions about long-term goals and the measures, ways, and paths to reach those goals.

Strategic Objectives: A strategy should begin by identifying the expected outcomes for which the work strategy is set to deliver them. Strategic goals will act as a guide to the company’s activities

Xay dung

5 Strategy for creating a safe working environment

A safe working environment is always a top requirement for every company. But does your company really know the right way to make a safer work environment?

In order to have the safest working environment possible, you need to follow the safety control hierarchy. This hierarchy consists of 5 core strategies sorted by efficiency level. What are the specific strategies? We will introduce it in detail shortly.

Xay dung

Why should we follow strategies for creating a safe work environment?

Most people value their own health and life while working. The employee is the object directly related to the workplace environment. Strategies for creating a safe work environment are also closely related to workers. But the paradox is that the business owner himself forgets that

Unsurprisingly, workplace injury incidents each year cost many companies billions of dollars. In addition to spending huge amounts of money to pay for costs arising from employee injuries, businesses also face the issue of prestige in the marketplace.

As a result, adhering to strategies for creating a safe work environment is seen as a prerequisite for any company. That will help businesses reduce financial risks and the decline in brand value.

Strategies for creating a safe work environment

The following are a concretization of strategies for creating a safe work environment, sorted by priority of importance:

  1. Eliminate the dangerous element

When you identify a hazard at work, ask yourself first: Is it possible to eliminate the hazard entirely?

For example, if workers have to wear specialized gloves to handle hazardous chemicals, why not try replacing them with a less toxic chemical?

If workers have to use knives and cut boxes manually, why not install a machine with a box collection line inside to cut? In this way, workers only need to put the box on the line, which helps to minimize the chance of the knife “cutting” into the hand.

Or if workers have to bend metal members, why not use a bending machine that can both perform better, faster, and help reduce hand muscle tension in workers?

Xay dungXay dung

2. Replace the hazard element

If the hazard cannot be completely eliminated, replace it with a safer alternative.

Xay dung

For example, if workers have to wear specialized gloves to handle hazardous chemicals, why not try replacing them with a less toxic chemical?

If workers have to use knives and cut boxes manually, why not install a machine with a box collection line inside to cut? In this way, workers only need to put the box on the line, which helps to minimize the chance of the knife “cutting” into the hand.

Or if workers have to bend metal parts, why not use a bending machine that can both perform better, faster and help reduce hand muscle tension in workers?

Xay dung

  1. Administrative control

Administrative control is an overarching strategy for corporate inspection and reorganization. That could be testing and redesigning the structure and operation of a machine. It can also be rearranging the work schedule, working time, time off, and alternating working positions of the employees in the company so that they can develop their own capabilities.

Besides, administrative control is also related to many different stages. There are a few prominent jobs such as control of training programs, weekly worker training, a list of safety equipment control, etc. In general, the scale of administrative control is very wide.

It is a mistake to think that administrative control is just a backup strategy. It is subjective that businesses only exercise administrative control after an incident occurs. Because the core of safety is “Prevention is better than cure”, so you should strictly and regularly take administrative control from now on to prevent unfortunate events from happening in the future.

Xay dung

5. Labor protective equipment (PPE)

The ultimate workplace safety strategy is to equip full protective equipment. Why is this a strategy at the lowest level in the top 5 strategies to ensure a safe working environment? Why are things like gloves, helmets, or seat belts at the bottom of the list? Don’t people always wear PPE when doing such dangerous work?

This is because protective equipment is ultimately only the last resort against cuts, burns, chemical exposure, shock, vibration, or exposure to pathogens. In other words, the PPE was seen as the ultimate shield when all other strategies (…)

Xay dung

Xay dung

Unfortunately, most businesses only use this fifth strategy and make sure that everything is in the perfect safe zone. Instead, business leaders need to know many higher-level security strategies, grasp the nature of the strategy and the method of implementing the strategy, and try to apply them.

However, this statement does not imply that wearing PPE is unnecessary. Do not misunderstand that just by implementing the above 4 strategies, the 5th strategy can be ignored. In fact, with many unpredictable dangerous situations in the workplace, businesses will still have to equip PPE for workers. When an unexpected event occurs, the PPE will initiative its inherent effects to protect body parts, even the life of workers.

How to apply 5 strategies to create a safe working environment in the right way?

The above strategies for creating a safe working environment are hierarchical in order of priority in terms of importance. Because of this decentralization, many people have misunderstood that should only focus on strategy No. 1 and can ignore other level strategies.

Xay dung

However, in real business operations, you will need to combine many different strategies in the hierarchy at the same time. Remember that taking responsibility for everyone’s safety is paramount, and you can’t take any strategy lightly.

Therefore, you need to do your best to implement a high-level safety strategy, but not just focus on a certain strategy. Only with the only way is to cleverly and intelligently combine all 5 strategies: Remove potential risks, Replace dangerous factors, Technical controls, Administrative controls, and PPE, you will create the safest working environment possible.

Xay dung

Combining all 5 strategies at the same time, you can create the safest working environment possible.

If you can think, you will definitely do it, you just need to do one thing and that is action.

The Company’s Safety Board wishes you all a March full of energy, more creative, healthier and having fun with all the sports days of FC PTCONS football tournament!

Implementation: Safety Committee of Phuoc Thanh Company

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Men’s Friendly Football League Fc_Ptcons 2020 Closing Ceremony


So the Men’s friendly football tournament PTCONS FC 2020 ended after two weeks of competition. This year’s tournament attracted 08 teams, including 04 winning teams entered the final match, divided into two tables from February 29, 2020, to March 7, 2020.

 With the spirit of enthusiasm, nobility, honesty,  fair-play and solidarity, 8 teams have offered the audience 08 matches with 50 beautiful goals from beautiful balls: long shot, header, free kick, team collaboration …


 Although there is an ncoV disease that affects the concentration of matches, the Organizers still apply fully safety measures before starting the match for the players and on the football field. Our beloved players have also contributed to the audience many exciting or dramatic games with high expertise.

– On the night of March 7, 2020, a championship cup competition took place “Men’s friendly football league PTCONS FC 2020”.

– The opening is a semi-final match between two teams: Fresca riverside Team vs Safety PTC Team and the second match is between Tender Dept. Team vs Hung Phat Project – Team 1. Win with the final score 6-3 Fresca Riverside Team reached the final of the championship with Tender Dept. Team who won Hung Phat Project Team with the final score 6-1.

  • Two teams of Safety PTC and Hung Phat 1 team competed in 3rd prize with a series of extremely dramatic and attractive penalty shoots.
  • The championship match ended with a 4-1 final to CT Fresca Riverside

Kết quả chung cuộc

The awards night was also emotional. We have a smile of joy, there are sadness and regret because of the missed balls, but above all, the tournament has brought a healthy, rewarding playground and opportunity to learn from each other. , improve the spirit of solidarity among departments and construction sites.

Đội đương kim vô địch Fresca Riverside

Đội về nhì – phòng đấu thầu Ptcons

Đội giải ba – CT Hưng Phát 1

Đội Safety PTC – giải khuyến khích

Trọng tài các trận đấu – Mt Tùy Hải (bên phải)

– The organizers would like to thank all the players, sponsoring leaders for making important contributions to the tournament successfully. The organizers also thank referee Mr. Tuy Hai for completing his excellent work in directing the lawless games. And especially the attendance of team fans have been enthusiastically cheering for the players, who have made an important contribution to the successful tournament. We also do not forget colleagues in the organizer have worked hard with a high sense of responsibility to create the success of the tournament.

Trọng tài các trận đấu (phải) – GĐDA CT Fresca Riverside

– Thus, “PTCONS FC 2020” is closed with bold marks on the spirit of sports training to improve the health, solidarity, and nobility of the players and the teams. The organizers believe that this tournament will continue to be maintained and organized more successfully in the following seasons.

Some pictures at the tournament:

Đội Safety và đội CT Fresca Riversite tranh trận bán kết

Đội Phòng đấu thầu và đội CT Fresca Riverside tranh trận chung kết




Chào “Giải bóng đá giao hữu PTCONS FC 2020”. Hướng tới “Giải bóng đá giao hữu PTCONS FC 2021. 

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)