Periodic health checks in 2019 for all employees of ptcons

Periodic Health Checks in 2019 for All Employees of Ptcons

– On the morning of November 30, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation Company held a periodic health examination for all employees. The organization of health check is not only a method to check and assess the suitability of employees’ health but also a way to show proper care to officials and employees of the company.

The purpose of the periodical health examination:
  • Early diagnosis of diseases at an early onset, especially the common dangerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer.
  • Monitor, detect and eliminate potential disease risk factors.
  • Improve the quality of life, ensure workers are full of health to work
  • Protecting employee health is also protecting the company’s human resources, creating sustainable development for businesses.
  • Improving productivity, reducing labor accidents as well as occupational diseases.

Some pictures of the health examination at the company this morning:

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