Ground breaking ceremony of Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Scocial house District 10

Ground breaking ceremony of Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Scocial house District 10

– In the morning of September 26, 2019, Duc Manh Joint Stock Company and the main contractor of the project held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Social house project.

Opening ceremony is dragon Dance named “TU QUY BINH AN” & DRAGON’s JOURNEY from Huy Long team.

Attending the ceremony include:

From the Owner – Duc Manh Corporation:

  • Mr Đàm Quang Tuấn – Chairman
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Chi – General Director
  • Mr Huỳnh Tấn Khương – Deputy General Director
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Anh Thư – HR Manager
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Nga – Chief Accountant
  • Mr Trương Lê Hưng – Project Management Unit Manager
  • Mr Trần Văn Thu – HR Manager – Ho Chi Minh City Branch]

From the main contractor

  • Mr Nguyễn Cao Trí – Deputy General Director
  • Mr Trần Hải Lăng – Project Manager
  • Mr Lê Công Thảo – Site Manager
  • Mr Trần Thanh Tân – Deputy Site Manager
  • Mr Trần Hùng – Deputy Site Manager


  • Mr Đàm Quốc Bảo – Director of Landmark Construction, Design and Investment JSC.  

With close partners, the project management board, all DMC technical staff, the Management Board of the social housing project of Ly Thuong Kiet and all employees of Phuoc Thanh Construction and Corporation attended the ceremony.

Duc Manh Corporation was established in 2001, Business scope: Real estate and construction.

– With a long-term vision and perspective of sustainable development, Duc Manh Corporation focuses on investing in many large projects that have been completed and put into operation such as Vinh Trung Plaza in 2007 and DMC Blue House in Danang.

– Towards the goal of becoming a strong multi-industry economic group with a prestigious brand, Duc Manh Corporation has been expanding business cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. Coming to the project “Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment and Social House” of the owner Duc Manh Corp., customers will be completely assured of the reputation and experience of the company.

– Duc Manh Corporation with the dedication and desire to contribute with Ho Chi Minh City to create affordable housing products and solve housing problems for the low-income people, in the context of land fund In the central districts, which are becoming increasingly exhausted today, the emergence of “LY THUONG KIET APARTMENT – SOCIAL HOUSE” like this will contribute a part to solving the issue of welfare for the people.

– With the acceptance and approval of the City People’s Committee, Duc Manh Corporation invested in the construction of the Ly Thuong Kiet project at 324 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14, District 10, opposite to Phu Tho Stadium and next to Trung Vuong hospital. Located in front of Ly Thuong Kiet street. This location is considered to be gold in the central area of the district as well as the city’s when it is surrounded by a series of extremely high-quality external facilities expected to attract a lot of people as well as investment from individuals and businesses.

– For a complete project it is a combination of many pieces. In particular, the first important piece is the main contractor – Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, established in 2004.

– Over 15 years of experience as a contractor, investor, designer, reputable professional consultant, always ready to listen to understand and realize the dream of building up high-level works.

Project information:

– The project “LY THUONG KIET APARTMENT – SOCIAL HOUSE” on an area of more than 19,240 m2, is expected to have 22 floors (excluding basements, mezzanine) with a total of 1,102 apartments, including enough types of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The highlight of the design of the apartments is the open space, many floor openings and towards the internal and external utilities. With criteria to build a quality, beautiful residential area; ensure the synchronous connection of urban technical infrastructure to the surrounding area, will contribute to creating a social housing fund for officials and employees of the Border Guards who are eligible under the regulations and for other partners, who are eligible to buy, rent, hire-purchase social houses in Ho Chi Minh City.

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