Ground Breaking Ceremony: Factory Construction 5,124sqm


– On the morning of April 19, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation started the construction project of 5124m2 factory.

– Under the project “Factory of organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, the capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year” has been successful.

👉   General information about the project:

➡ Project name: Factory of organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year.

Participating in the ceremony include:

  1. Vo Thi Lai – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation
  2. Hoang Vu Nhat – Project Director
  3. Phan Vu Giap – Site Manager
  4. Tran Hai Lang – Project Director
  5. Vo Tan Sy – Head of Technical Department
  6. Tran Viet Su Hai: Head of Safety Department

Together with Site board of management’s collective from other construction sites to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

Phước Thành: “Sự thành công của đối tác chính là sự thành công của chúng Tôi”

Tin ảnh: phòng truyền thông Ptcons.