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Main contractor Phuoc Thanh at the grand opening of Hoang Kim Paris Apartment_District 2

Main contractor Phuoc Thanh at the grand opening of Hoang Kim Paris Apartment_District 2

The Paris Hoang Kim project by Phuoc Thanh as a contractor officially opened the model apartment on October 5 at the project (No. 27 Luong Dinh Cua, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City).

The atmosphere at the sales office of the project became more bustling because the number of visitors to the project and registered to visit the model apartment exceeded the reception capacity due to the large number of viewers. Phuoc Thanh is proud to be the main contractor of this project, a project that is highly appreciated by the construction industry.

With the desire to further strive in the field of construction, Phuoc Thanh Company constantly strives to develop and try to complete the project on schedule as committed to the investor. Not only is Hoang Kim Paris but in the future Phuoc Thanh will join hands with the investor to build more and more high value projects to serve customers and investors.

Ông Nguyễn Cao trí – PTGĐ công ty Ptcons cắt băng cùng Chủ Đầu Tư

Attract guests before the opening of the model apartment

Since the construction of the information, the Paris Hoang Kim luxury apartment building has received a lot of attention from customers as well as many real estate investors. The newspaper will hold the opening of Paris Hoang Kim project apartment on October 5, 2019, the number of interested customers has skyrocketed, bringing the busy atmosphere of the project before the event.

– As noted, at the Paris Hoang Kim sales office, many customers register to participate in the model house tour.

Reportedly, in this phase, if customers pay a deposit to buy an apartment on the opening day, they will receive an immediate 01% discount and many other valuable gifts.

Many other customers are also “eager” to count down to wait for the opening of the official model apartment to own money to own a luxury apartment with preferential policies and accompanying gifts.

Luxurious apartment within reach

– Prime location, outstanding architecture, complete regional facilities, modern and diverse internal utilities, transparent legal, Paris Hoang Kim is one of the few high-end projects in urban area. Thu Thiem has recently caught the attention of the market.

– Like a “miniature Paris” in the middle of Thu Thiem new urban area, Paris Hoang Kim luxury apartment project with a liberal, elegant and luxurious lifestyle is gradually forming, with a fresh living environment, interwoven with the bustling city space

– Most impressive is that 100% of the apartments are corner units, all rooms have windows and a 3m wide skylight to keep the room fresh and residents can catch the sun every morning or admire the light. shimmering lights from the Saigon River and the panoramic view of District 1 through the door of each room.

Đối tác khách hàng cùng tham quan khu nhà mẫu

– Not only difference in architecture and vision, upscale experiences in Paris Hoang Kim really turn this urban area into the most desirable “5 star” living environment: golf room, lounge, crèche, gym, restaurant, bbq hanging garden and infinity pool, Jacuzzi, kids rooftop pool and a range of high-class “door-to-door” amenities

Bát trống tứ lân chào mừng sự kiện khai trương nhà mẫu thành công

All combined create a perfect space worthy of “upstream”.
– The project offers 417 apartments, flexible area from 57m2 – 99m2, reasonable layout of 1-3 bedrooms designed in neoclassical European style. The apartments are equipped with 3-in-1 intelligent door lock system.

– According to experts, the price of apartments in the East tends to increase due to scarce products because the land fund in the central areas is not much, Ho Chi Minh City restricts licensing new projects. At the same time, infrastructure of this area is being strongly invested by the State, leading to the price fluctuation in the near future.

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

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Ground Breaking Ceremony of Ricca Apartment _ District 9

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Ricca Apartment _ District 9

On the morning of 12/12/2019, the Commencement Ceremony of Ricca apartment project took place successfully. Attending at the ceremony, there were leaders of both sides Investor and construction contractor Phuoc Thanh together
RioLand project development unit.

On the morning of December 12, 2019, the ground breaking ceremony of Ricca apartment area was held solemnly with the participation of the general contractor – Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company, representing the investor and the developer. Project – Rio Land Real Estate Company

Owning the “golden coordinates” at the center of Phu Huu, District 9, Ricca has two 18-storey towers, including 521 apartments, 28 duplex apartments and 23 commercial and service apartments on a total area of 12,6573 m2.

Developed by Rio Land – a unit with extensive experience with many successful projects in the East, Ricca brings the passion of Rio Land to a product of real value tailored to young families. Search for “the first home” with not much accumulated capital.

Most Ricca apartments have reasonable area of “1 bedroom + 1”, average price of 29 million dong, modern design, optimal performance, open space to welcome natural wind and sun, meeting the needs. food: moderate area – reasonable price but still enough amenities.

With the general contractor being Phuoc Thanh Company – a prestigious brand associated with many housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Rio Land expects that Ricca will be a quality residence for the civilized community in District 9.

More than a home that everyone wants to return to, Ricca will be the place to gather young and civilized communities with positive energy every day. It is a place where children can play and grow in a safe green space, adults have the opportunity to interact and connect in the knowledge community, while the elderly can leisurely enjoy a peaceful life. With the complex of internal utilities, such as multi-purpose sports court, tropical garden, internal park, resort pool, kindergarten … every Ricca resident can fully meet the needs of entertainment. and enjoy life.

At the ceremony, representatives of Phuoc Thanh company also shared the joy of becoming a reliable partner of the investor and Ricca project development unit. Certainly, the cooperation between prestigious units will bring to customers quality housing products in terms of structure, aesthetic in finishing.

Some photos at the ceremony:

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

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Topping Out Ceremony of Green River Apartment – Scocial house District 8

Topping Out Ceremony of Green River Apartment – Scocial house District 8

On the morning of December 10, 2019, the topping out ceremony of Hung Phat social housing project took place successfully with the full participation and participation of partners and investors of the company 276 Ngoc Long.

The Green River Apartment – Scocial house project is considered as one of the social housing projects of which Phuoc Thanh is the general contractor. With the relentless efforts of all the engineers and construction workers, both the Tower A and Tower B of the project are in the same roof.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

PHUOC THANH – “The success of partners is our success

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Periodic health checks in 2019 for all employees of ptcons

Periodic Health Checks in 2019 for All Employees of Ptcons

– On the morning of November 30, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation Company held a periodic health examination for all employees. The organization of health check is not only a method to check and assess the suitability of employees’ health but also a way to show proper care to officials and employees of the company.

The purpose of the periodical health examination:
  • Early diagnosis of diseases at an early onset, especially the common dangerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer.
  • Monitor, detect and eliminate potential disease risk factors.
  • Improve the quality of life, ensure workers are full of health to work
  • Protecting employee health is also protecting the company’s human resources, creating sustainable development for businesses.
  • Improving productivity, reducing labor accidents as well as occupational diseases.

Some pictures of the health examination at the company this morning:

Phuoc Thanh – The Partner’s Success is our success.





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Employee assessment is one of the indispensable activities of companies nowadays. It happens regularly, and has an important role in the development of the company in the future. To help you better understand this activity, take some time to explore the information provided below.

Contents included:

  1. General overview of employee’s assessment
  2. Criteria:
    • Working attitude
    •  Professional knowledge
    • Soft skills
    • Work results

Now is the detailed contents:

General overview of employees’ assessment

Employee assessment can be considered as one of the most important steps in the employee management process to be able to evaluate the level of completion of the job, the ability to fit the job, the company from any employee within a certain period of time to devise a fair reward and punishment regime.

At Phuoc Thanh Company, the employee competency assessment is conducted twice a year, the results of the evaluation are the basis for the Board of Directors to develop an individual development strategy, or propose bonuses, salary increase.


  • Working attitude

The first criterion we need to mention is the working attitude because attitude determines efficiency. A competent employee displays the following attitude:

  • Confidence: Confidence is a very important factor for every person, it gives you the courage to overcome all obstacles.
  • Dream: Time is an important factor in assessing the professionalism of each employee. Effective time management is also one of the criteria for employee evaluation. You don’t have to work 12-14 hours a day, but the time you have to work must be really effective. This is exactly what all companies are concerned about.
  • Careful: Attentive care about the job will be the factor that brings good work efficiency, which is also the factor that helps to win the trust of colleagues and superiors.
  • Respect: It is mandatory that employees must have respect for their superiors and colleagues. Then there is respect for partners. Certainly, there is no company that wants rude, grumpy and inadequate employees.

Remember that in life and work, the golden secret for successful people is that we should all respect and be humble. Respecting competitors is generous. Respect for all people is the upbringing.

  •  Team work

 Teamwork is a prerequisite for building a strong team and sustainable development. For the company, the spirit of teamwork is needed many times, in the spirit of teamwork, people can love, support, help each other to progress in work as well as in life. This creates the cultural identity and healthy lifestyle of the company, therefore, it has created a trap for human resources to help the company become more prosperous.

  •  Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm at work will help the working atmosphere become urgent and professional, highly appreciated by customers. Enthusiasm, passion is also a factor that brings great work results extremely well, greatly benefiting the company.

  •  Honest

An honest employee is always appreciated because they know the difference between right and wrong, fair-minded to work well.

  • Positive thinking

For company owners, employees who are always in a positive spirit at work are those who can stick with the company for a long time and always have a progressive job. These people will contribute a lot and bring the working environment in a professional, friendly and positive way.

  • The spirit of inquisitive and progressive learning

With the current 4.0 industry era, if you do not constantly update and upgrade yourself both in terms of expertise and skills, you will surely be a loser.

Advancing at work is the desire to complete the work that employees want to achieve. Adaptability brings positive effects at work, including mental and physical.

  • Expertise: Professional knowledge is a combination of knowledge, profession, and work experience that each individual must have when participating in any current profession for example: professional knowledge of accounting, construction, safety, etc. So, when you have better knowledge than others, the job opportunity will also be higher, it is one of the three factors that determine success in work and his career.
  • Kỹ năng mềm: In addition, employees are ready to receive and complete additional tasks, not afraid of difficulties, and concurrently perform other employees’ duties when they are absent. These is the criteria to find out the best one.

There are many methods of assessing employee competencies, currently, Phuoc Thanh is following the quantitative method, you can see details in the Company’s Regulation of staff capacity assessment.

In addition, an indispensable part of the success. The work efficiency of each employee is soft skills.

The skills that we need to equip to be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to assert our capabilities include:

  • Complex problem-solving

Problem-solving skills consist of analyzing, recognizing and evaluating a problem so that we can propose solutions by ourselves, or at least can be minimized its consequences.

The problem-solving skill is a soft skill of very high importance among the skills needed for workers today. According to the above report, in 2020, up to 36% of jobs will require candidates to have complex problem-solving skills!

  • Critical thinking skill

Critical thinking skills are simply understood as using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of solutions, conclusions and give different approaches to problems.

  • Creative thinking skill

Creative thinking is a process of creating ideas, testing ideas, etc. These results are more or less new things that we have not seen before.

The creative criteria here are “novelty” and “value” (more useful, more advanced than the old one).

Thanks to innovation in technology application, the company is able to develop new products and services to serve the constantly changing needs of the market.

  • HR management skill

When machines come to the throne, the resources of elite talents will play an even more important role in the activities of companies or organizations. Therefore, HR management skills, with the nature of well exploiting human resources for corporate and social development, will be an important skill that a manager needs to cultivate.

  • Team work skill

Teamwork skills are the ability to interact among members of a group to develop the potential and capacity of all members and promote work efficiency.

People are highly social creatures, born to work together, those who feel the sense of teamwork will be more attached to work, maintain high productivity, promote creativity, create profits for the company and improve the level of happiness for themselves.

Today, in modern society, almost all jobs require each individual to work in a certain team.

  • Assessment skill and decision making

In an informatic age considered as gold and silver, companies are striving to collect as much information as possible. Of course, they need individuals who can handle, analyze and make “game-changing” decisions based on this amount of information.

In addition, managers expect employees to be able to acquire and contribute strategic ideas to colleagues and superiors.

  • Negotiation skill

Negotiation is a skill to conduct an exchange, discussion with one or more parties to reach an agreement. Situations that need to be negotiated taken place when there are conflicts or common concerns to be addressed. An individual who fully masters negotiation skills must possess a quick reaction, good listening skills and a sense of comfort to the opposite person. In parallel with that, they also have to know how to argue and persuade at the same time.

  • Trí tuệ cảm xúc/ Emotional intelligence

Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer – considered to be the father of the theoretical framework for emotional intelligence, defined as follows: “the ability to track one’s feelings and emotions as well as those of others, distinguishing them, and use this information to guide your thinking and actions.”

5 elements that make up emotional intelligence:

The ability to understand yourself: Knowledge of your own inside states, interests, resources, and intuition.

Self-control: The ability to manage one’s own inside states, impulses, and resources.

Motivation: Emotional trends that guide or assist in achieving goals.

Sympathy: The ability to understand the feelings, needs, and concerns of others.

Social skills: Proficiency in evoking desirable reactions within others.

The company always appreciates individuals who have the ability to positively impact the awareness, attitudes and behaviors of those around them.

Work result

Mức độ hoàn thành công việc cũng là một trong những nhân tố dùng để đánh giá nhân viên, đây là tín hiệu cho người quản lý có thể thực hiện đánh giá tốt nhất về hiệu suất của nhân viên. Thông qua tiêu chí này những nhà quản lý sẽ đưa ra được những kế hoạch đào tạo phù hợp và những chính sách giúp nâng cao năng lực nhân viên tốt nhất.

The level of task completion is also one of the factors used to evaluate employees, which is a signal for managers to make the best assessment of employee performance. Through this criterion, managers will come up with appropriate training plans and policies to help improve the best staff’s capacity.

In conclusion, to assess one employee’s performance, we must consider the following criteria:

  • Working attitude
  • Professional knowledge
  • Soft skill
  •  Work result

You already know how the company evaluates its employees’ capabilities, right!

As mentioned, the purpose of employee evaluation is to improve work performance, promote employees, and motivate them timely, help employees overcome shortcomings quickly to ensure progress development in the company. So let us look back at ourselves to understand where our capacity and strive, improve ourselves, contributing to building the company going further!


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On the morning of November 2, 2019, a ground breaking ceremony taken place successfully for the project Kindergarten – Secondary – High shools in Tay Ninh Province.

The ceremony’s photos

“Phước Thành – Sự thành công của đối tác chính là sự thành công của chúng tôi”





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Ground breaking ceremony of Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Scocial house District 10

Ground breaking ceremony of Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Scocial house District 10

– In the morning of September 26, 2019, Duc Manh Joint Stock Company and the main contractor of the project held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment – Social house project.

Opening ceremony is dragon Dance named “TU QUY BINH AN” & DRAGON’s JOURNEY from Huy Long team.

Attending the ceremony include:

From the Owner – Duc Manh Corporation:

  • Mr Đàm Quang Tuấn – Chairman
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Chi – General Director
  • Mr Huỳnh Tấn Khương – Deputy General Director
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Anh Thư – HR Manager
  • Ms Nguyễn Thị Nga – Chief Accountant
  • Mr Trương Lê Hưng – Project Management Unit Manager
  • Mr Trần Văn Thu – HR Manager – Ho Chi Minh City Branch]

From the main contractor

  • Mr Nguyễn Cao Trí – Deputy General Director
  • Mr Trần Hải Lăng – Project Manager
  • Mr Lê Công Thảo – Site Manager
  • Mr Trần Thanh Tân – Deputy Site Manager
  • Mr Trần Hùng – Deputy Site Manager


  • Mr Đàm Quốc Bảo – Director of Landmark Construction, Design and Investment JSC.  

With close partners, the project management board, all DMC technical staff, the Management Board of the social housing project of Ly Thuong Kiet and all employees of Phuoc Thanh Construction and Corporation attended the ceremony.

Duc Manh Corporation was established in 2001, Business scope: Real estate and construction.

– With a long-term vision and perspective of sustainable development, Duc Manh Corporation focuses on investing in many large projects that have been completed and put into operation such as Vinh Trung Plaza in 2007 and DMC Blue House in Danang.

– Towards the goal of becoming a strong multi-industry economic group with a prestigious brand, Duc Manh Corporation has been expanding business cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. Coming to the project “Ly Thuong Kiet Apartment and Social House” of the owner Duc Manh Corp., customers will be completely assured of the reputation and experience of the company.

– Duc Manh Corporation with the dedication and desire to contribute with Ho Chi Minh City to create affordable housing products and solve housing problems for the low-income people, in the context of land fund In the central districts, which are becoming increasingly exhausted today, the emergence of “LY THUONG KIET APARTMENT – SOCIAL HOUSE” like this will contribute a part to solving the issue of welfare for the people.

– With the acceptance and approval of the City People’s Committee, Duc Manh Corporation invested in the construction of the Ly Thuong Kiet project at 324 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14, District 10, opposite to Phu Tho Stadium and next to Trung Vuong hospital. Located in front of Ly Thuong Kiet street. This location is considered to be gold in the central area of the district as well as the city’s when it is surrounded by a series of extremely high-quality external facilities expected to attract a lot of people as well as investment from individuals and businesses.

– For a complete project it is a combination of many pieces. In particular, the first important piece is the main contractor – Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation, established in 2004.

– Over 15 years of experience as a contractor, investor, designer, reputable professional consultant, always ready to listen to understand and realize the dream of building up high-level works.

Project information:

– The project “LY THUONG KIET APARTMENT – SOCIAL HOUSE” on an area of more than 19,240 m2, is expected to have 22 floors (excluding basements, mezzanine) with a total of 1,102 apartments, including enough types of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The highlight of the design of the apartments is the open space, many floor openings and towards the internal and external utilities. With criteria to build a quality, beautiful residential area; ensure the synchronous connection of urban technical infrastructure to the surrounding area, will contribute to creating a social housing fund for officials and employees of the Border Guards who are eligible under the regulations and for other partners, who are eligible to buy, rent, hire-purchase social houses in Ho Chi Minh City.

Thực hiện nghi lễ quan trọng nhất: NGHI THỨC LỄ XÚC CÁT

Nghi lễ xúc cát

Chụp hình lưu niệm

Chụp hình lưu niệm

PHƯỚC THÀNH: “Sự thành công của đối tác Chính là sự thành công của Chúng Tôi”

(Tin ảnh: Phòng truyền thông Ptcons)


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Topping Out Ceremony: FRESCA RIVERSIDE – Thu Duc

Topping Out Ceremony: FRESCA RIVERSIDE – THU DUC

– After several months of persistent and tireless efforts, FRESCA RIVERSIDE project officially celebrated the opening topping out ceremony on July 26, 2002 at D6 Street, Binh Duc Residential Area,  Thu Duc Agricultural Market, belonging to Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District.

With wide open roads, convenient transportation connections with the surrounding areas, Fresca Riverside promises to be the most anticipated apartment project in the region. What is congratulating is that the Fresca Riverside project has been completed 3 months earlier than the committed schedule. In order to do that, it is the efforts of the board of directors and the collective of employees who have made great efforts to comply with the commitments to the investor.

– Opening the ceremony is a unique show of unicorn dance performances to welcome all delegates and guests to attend the ceremony of the project of Sea Holding investor.

Attending the ceremony include:

On the main contractor – Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company

  1. Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director of the Company
  2. Ms. Vo Thi Lai – Deputy General Director of the company
  3. Mr. Tran Minh Thien – Project Director

Representatives from The Employer  – Sea Holding Real Estate Joint Stock Company

  • Mr. Tran Hien Phuong – General Director of the company
  • Mr. Pham Nguyen Cat – Project Director
  • Ms. Ho Thi Minh Thao – Finance Director

Supervision Consultant Unit: unit NAGECCO

  • Mr. Vuong Ngoc Nam: Director of the company
  • Mr. Nguyen Ich Anh Tuan – Vice director of the company

Representatives from The bank guaranteeing the project – TPBank Commercial Joint Stock Bank

  • Mr. Tran Viet Trung: Director of TPBank Do Thanh Branch
  • Mr. Tran Xuan Kieu – Director of corporate customers – TPBank Do Thanh Branch
  • Mr. Do Thai Sy: Head of Corporate Banking – TPBank Do Thanh Branch

Along with the leaders of distribution companies: Seareal Vietnam Real Estate Group Joint Stock Company, Seareal S Investment Joint Stock Company, Seareal Real Estate R Co., Ltd., Seareal Link Real Estate Company Limited. ..

– In addition, there are representatives of numerous employees of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company, Investor – Sea Holding, partners and large presence of representatives of the press agencies. The media attended and reported on the event.

Mr. Tran Hien Phuong – General Director of SeA Holding Real Estate Joint Stock Company

– According to Mr. Tran Hien Phuong – General Director of SeA Holding Real Estate Joint Stock Company said: “He thanked and affirmed the success of the project today as a collection of many pieces. In which, with the first piece, he sent his thanks to all workers, Management Board, Board of Directors of Phuoc Thanh Company, the second piece is the bank guarantee unit – TPBank has overcome the doubts to give great beliefs to customers, partners, staff, salesmen from the guarantee of progress, guarantee each unit in the transaction.The third piece is the Supervision Consultant Unit NAGECO – a long-standing reputable company in the industry that has contributed to helping the construction project to be on schedule to have a a ceremony to topping out today”.

Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company

According to Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company also shared his thanks to CDT Sea Holding for trusting the project of Fresca Riverside to Phuoc Thanh contractor – contributing to affirm further thickness as well as experience and capacity of Phuoc Thanh contractor in construction.

– In addition to the trust that the Investor also has Bank partners – Advising the GS, the Real Estate Floor has contributed to the Fresca riverside project’s success in trying to work together to ensure timely delivery. for customers and achieve superior value compared to the cost made by customers. He also did not forget to thank the brothers and sisters of the construction site for the day and night the team was the most day-to-day workers to make the project as today. Hopefully in the future, CDT Sea Holding will work with Phuoc Thanh to continue implementing more projects.

Mr. Tran Hien Phuong and Mr. Pham Nguyen Cat handed flowers to Phuoc Thanh contractor

– The speech of Mr. Pham Nguyen Cat – Project Director also thanked the Brothers and sisters at the construction site, the brothers and sisters in the indirect division of financial and business design agreed to coordinate well to achieve Important goals for the Fresca Riverside project. We need to continue to complete more efforts in the future to complete the progress of handing over to customers “

– The next part in a ceremony to store the roof is the Thuong Luong ceremony, an important ceremony in the topping ceremony with the desire for good luck and peace and good business.

Thuong Luong ceremony
– The ceremony includes 02 part is Topping-out: all leaders shall stand together and pick up the steel bar hanging the banner, then the tower crane shall lift it up onto top floor, this part is topping out worshiping.

Nghi thức lễ cúng

Continuing to be a rite of concrete contact

Take photo at the ceremony

Sampanh wine and happy congratulations on the project

Several photos at the ceremony:

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

Take photo at the ceremony

FRESCA RIVERSIDE  information:

Address: Road D6, Binh Duc Residential Area, Lien adjacent Thu Duc Agricultural Market, in Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District.

– Total land area: 6,748.4 m2.
+ Land for construction of works: 3,055.8 m2
+ Green tree land: 954 m2
+ Land for yard traffic: 2,738.6 m2.
– Building height: 61.15 meters
– Land use coefficient: 5.0
– High floor of construction works: 17 floors (according to QCVN 03: 2012 / BXD)
+ Arrival block: 04 floors
+ Tower block: 13 floors

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)



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GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY: Factory Hydrolyzed Protein and Oil

GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY: Factory Hydrolyzed Protein and Oil

PHUOC THANH CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY is the main contractor of the package

Project of a Factory producing hydrolyzed protein and oil.

The following is general information about the project:

Project name: Factory for producing hydrolyzed protein and oil.

  • package / item: Building factory, warehouse, house connected with steam, waste water treatment house.
  • Location: Area A1, Sa Dec Industrial Park, An Hoa Ward, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province

The ceremony took place at 10:30 on June 26, 2019 at the construction site with the participation of many important guests and partners.

Attendants to the event include:

Representatives from MFC Company:

Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc_ CEO of MFC Company
Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Huyen_ Director of MFC Company
Mr. Do Ngoc Dung_ Project Manager of MFC Company
Mr. Tran Quang Vinh: Director of MFC Technology Company

Representatives from Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation:

  • Mr Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director
  • Mr Nguyễn Minh Tâm: Project Director
  • Mr Bùi Văn Soạn: Site Manager

On the partner / consultant / consultant / consultant team:

Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, Hoang Ha Construction and Trading Co., Ltd., Ares Environment Joint Stock Company, Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company, Thu Duc Long An. Hieu Thang CONSTRUCTION TRADING CO., LTD, the optimal construction consultancy company, GSI company

  1. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang_ Deputy Director of VietinBank Transaction Office
  2. Mr. Benny Lim: Director of Haarslev Denmark Group in Malaysia
  3. Mr. Paul Antoine Croize: Director of BRF Ingredients group
  4. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan Ha: Deputy General Director of Hoang Ha Construction Company Limited
  5. Mr. Tran van mai: Director of GSI company (CDT consultant)
  6. Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh: Ares Environment Joint Stock Company
  7. Mr. Tran Dinh Phu: Chief Engineer of the Company, Ltd. advises on optimal construction
  8. Mr. Duong Van Van: Deputy Director of Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company Thu Duc Long An

A lot of precious guests and staff of MFC company

Content of the Ceremony:

The beginning is the music part of the contractor Phuoc Thanh preparing and presenting: Ha Noi Vang Nhung Con Mua

Opening remarks

  • Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc – CTHDQT  of MFC company

Opening ceremony and speaking about the strengths, competitive advantages as well as strategic orientations for the upcoming direction of the project:

Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc – CTHDQT said: “Currently all the high quality hydrolyzed products that Vietnam currently does not have a professional manufacturer. MFC develops a strategy from import distribution and transfers to industrial manufacturers with more modern technological equipment than many of the current partner suppliers that MFC is importing. Producing from two main sources of raw materials are catfish by-products and shrimp by-products, which are not available to global partners and MFC will discuss with them later.

Speaking of the main contractor representative: Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Joint Stock Company

In this project, Phuoc Thanh Company will construct the factory, warehouse, steam-connected house, waste water treatment house.

With long-term experience of more than 15 years in the construction industry, each construction for many factories with large investors such as SamSung electronics factory KOREA – Samsung Vina Electronics Company Limited. The factory of frozen shrimp, organic fertilizer factory, biological fertilizer, microbiological fertilizer of CP Vietnam Husbandry Joint Stock Company (CP Group), the contractor Phuoc Thanh will be confident to complete on schedule. as well as commitment to CDT.

Mr Nguyen Cao Tri – Deputy General Director, said: “Phuoc Thanh Company, we will believe that the project will complete the project on schedule and in safety during the construction process. Wishing the MFC company in accordance with the orientation of Mr. Ngoc CTHDQT has shared great success ”.

Rite of worship:

Rite of reading ceremony to start the ceremony: Mr. Do Ngoc Dung – Project Director

Nghi thức xúc cát trang trọng của buổi lễ

PHUOC THANH: “Partner’s success is ours”

(News, photos: PR department)










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Ground Breaking Ceremony: Factory Construction 5,124sqm


– On the morning of April 19, 2019, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation started the construction project of 5124m2 factory.

– Under the project “Factory of organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, the capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year” has been successful.

👉   General information about the project:

➡ Project name: Factory of organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer and microbial fertilizer, capacity of 9,500 tons of products / year.

Participating in the ceremony include:

  1. Vo Thi Lai – Deputy General Director of Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation
  2. Hoang Vu Nhat – Project Director
  3. Phan Vu Giap – Site Manager
  4. Tran Hai Lang – Project Director
  5. Vo Tan Sy – Head of Technical Department
  6. Tran Viet Su Hai: Head of Safety Department

Together with Site board of management’s collective from other construction sites to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

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